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  1. This means it's working! The duac. Give it time, keep going on With it! I also had this product a while ago, and omg did I peel and burn but after a while it stopped and my acne was gone!!!! Things always have to get bad to get better remember that! I was on this for a year and after a while I thought that it got to use to my face and just stopped working.. So I wouldn't recommend it as a bye bye acne cream it just gets rid of it in the mean time ! I was 14 when I used it.
  2. Hey, I was wondering if you could help me! I just got put on differin 0.1 and erythromycin tablets! I started about 4 days ago, and I feel like its really cleared up my cheeks as no breakouts have been coming up as they normally would have! But suddenly just got loads of lil pimples on my forehead and around my chin and mouth? I wake up and have a breakout, this would happen before I put on this medication, but it just seems to be worst! I've noticed that as I'm using the cream and not the gel t