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  1. I made a video talking about the products I used to clear my skin! Sorry about how I am in it, I'm very nervous and don't really enjoy being on video.
  2. You might want to have a blood test done to see what's up with your hormones. As the previous user stated, accutane is a choice, but if your acne is caused by a sudden change in your hormones (which I believe it is), it most likely will come back. You're beautiful girl!!! Don't let your acne keep you from going to school and experiancing life in general. I made that mistake in high school (when my acne was just as bad as yours or even worse) and I regret it very much. You need to be more pos
  3. Ha. I tried a hair moisterizer with shea butter in it, and it broke me out. I thought it was the coconut, though, since I'm sensitive to coconut. edit: Wtf? Wow! Your skin looks amazing now! I was responding to the end of page 1 without realizing there was a page 2. Congratulations! How'd you do it? I hope it doesn't come back! wow. I'm so happy for you. My regimen is as the following..it's very simple for me and easy: CeraVe foaming facial cleanser Acne.org treatment MU
  4. Um...this is what my skin looks like now: I want to try something for my pitted scars...any ideas?
  5. I haven't posted any pictures in a while...I have been busy, and I did break out because of my time of the month. But here are the pictures... I'm just in shock, like I've never seen my skin so clear in more than nine years! Wow, like...I didn't know I improved that much until I looked back at the first page...
  6. Maybe you should try the AHA provided by this website or go to makeupartistchoice and pick up the radience peel or the salicylic/mandelic acid peel. They always have a daily deal where you can get 15-25% off your purchase! I have a bunch of discoloration too..and I've been using these produts for about three weeks now and I see improvement.
  7. I've been so sick...haven't really broken out that much. Have a couple of whiteheads..but nothing bad. Now I have a problem more with dark spots and uneven skin tone. Willl post more pictures soon I guess.
  8. I've been really stressed out a lot...broke out with two pimples on my forehead (a place I rarely break out) because of it. :/ Stll doing the same thing to my skin and added two more products to use once a week, replaced others, got rid of some. I'll post my full regimen in a couple of days. Thanks!
  9. Broke out on my jawline...and I think I'm getting a cyst on my right cheek. I tried a moisturzer that had shea butter in it and it was a no go for me.
  10. Here are some pictures of my skin...the bottom ones are most recent...how does it look to you guys? My skin is so dry.
  11. Thanks for the kind words!! Kind of depressed though, not over the acne...but the marks that it has left... Does anyone know how long it will take for them to fade with the aha if I applied it five/seven times a week?
  12. Again, some more pimples...about two or three, but are already popped and are healing on their own. I just want to say that I love the BPO from acne.org, it's very nice, doesn't leave a white film and it's perfect for my sensitive skin. My skin is flaking where there are dark spots...Might most new pictures this weekend or next week.
  13. Today, I did have a few more pimple...but just whiteheads, not major and they already popped on their own and are healing.
  14. That's interestig because I am breaking out more on my right side when my left side is also clearing up very fast...It may be because of your sheets? Like youre pillow case or so forth? It could be fast food or junk food...or do you use your cell phone on that side of your face? What about your sugar consumption? Well I am right handed so when i talk on the phone i use my right hand but I rarely put the phone up to my face i usually use the head phone mic. Also with my sheets and pillow cases,