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  1. Hi guys, just looking for some help, know what a great community you guys are I've had my acne trouble in the past. I have what I believe to be an acne nodule under my chin, where my neck starts (at least it's one of the not too bad places to get it) but it keeps re-infecting and will die down some days and then flare up again, I've been putting Finacea gel which is 15percent Azeliac Acid on it and it does help reduce infection but I must be doing something wrong or reckless because it just f
  2. It seems OK in the fact it does make your acne rosacea look better in the morning when you put it on at night, my problem is I suffer from high anxiety which is my big rosacea trigger so it's fighting a losing battle atm. I've finally discovered that all the creams, antibiotics in the world can helo but if your rosacea is triggered by your emotions, your medicine will be resolve them emotional issues as best you can. I am struggling though so if anyone has faced a similar issue to men and has
  3. Do you apply it every day? As in like even when there's no outstanding pustules is it good to keep putting it on to prevent others from flaring?
  4. Anybody got any experiences they would like to share? I have the kind of rosacea where I don't particularly get red cheeks as I have olive skin but I get little red marks on my forhead and nose that are like little pustules. I've heard it's good for this?
  5. Speak to a dermatologist about it, doctors in my experience (I live in the UK) perhaps they're better over in the US but in my experience GP's sit on the fence a little and don't look into your problem as much as a derm would. Good luck.
  6. Do you flush a lot? Does your redness come and go? Have you looked into rosacea to see if your symptoms match those of rosacea? It looks a little like it to me in those pictures but I'm certainly no expert, maybe look into it? Speak to your derm about it?
  7. Great stuff, would highly reccomend it. However, when pimples go, is it still wise to use it as part of your nightly routine or is putting it on pretty much every night for years damaging? Obviously I moisturise and stuff afterwards.
  8. Ok, this is a bit random and possibly very vain but as seen as we're all a community I thought I would go ahead and ask this question and see what you all think. My acne is mild, but how do others view acne and how do you view your acne? For me, pimples look much worse in certain mirrors and I have little red marks when i got close to the mirror (like nose touching surface of mirror distance) do these pimples look visable to the naked eye or is it the lighting of the mirror? I always ha
  9. Probably sounds ridiculous and highly ignorant as I'm new to the world of acne but would dabbing sunscreen on red mark but leaving the rest of your face while out in the sun do good? Not making the mark darker= result, rest of the skin darker=result. I'm possibly way off the mark.
  10. Does the sunscreen stop you from tanning?
  11. Apple Cider Vinegar is good, can be bought at all supermarkets.
  12. Thankyou very much for your response, certainly feel more assured now. Bought Cetaphil moisturizing lotion and the skin looks much better now when I apply that 30 mins after spreading the Duac.
  13. Hi, I am currently taking Duac gel and lymocycline for forehead acne and I think it's the Duac that has been tingling and peeling my skin. It has reduced acne but because of the peeling this has left some of my face my normal tan colour and the bits where the duac has peeled the skin away a paler colour. Is this pigmentation or is it normal with peeling and will my skin go back to its normal colour when the skin develops again? Thankyou.