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  1. The harsh chemicals are the cause of your dehydrated skin
  2. I think you should stop over washing and as for zinc I tried it and it did absolutely nothing. Maybe try saw palmetto
  3. I want to say your skin looks good. However when I have acne it doesn't really show on camera. Unless you take a photo with a fancy high quality camera i can't really judge but from what I see your skin looks great.
  4. You're suppose to match your foundation to your chest. SPF 20 is low.I use SPF 100 and I never have to worry about getting darker.
  5. I wash my face with soap at night and rinse with water in the morning.
  6. I was on saw palmetto for about 5 days and it seemed to be greatly working. I didn't have to blot once and I could wear makeup freely. Also since the weather is very humid and hot I would sweat like crazy and get oily leathery skin, but now when I sweat it's like water and as soon as it dries my face feels so matte. However, I did stop taking saw palmetto once I received my rosemary capsules because I wanted to experiment on what herbs worked for my skin. Also, I figured if it didn't work I'll g
  7. Do you think your clogged pores are from the tea tree oil maybe?
  8. Dermasil for sensitive skin is awsome or the aveeno oatmeal moisturizer
  9. I am taking the spring valley 450mg of saw palmetto 2x a day. There is no indication on the supplement facts of the percentage of fatty acids. Also this sp supplement contains pygeum, pumpkin seed, lucopene and beta sitosterol if that helps. For an update on my skin I'm seeing the same results as 2nd day . Skin seems normal now, but I still don't want to say it was the sp until after a month of usage.
  10. Nah I don't agree at all with the dead skin absorbing oil I only wash my face with water I have no dead skin build up . You can exfoliate with water and a wash cloth. My skin actually produces less oil for a fact. The reason why I got oily skin in the first place was from an overload of salicylic acid and bp. Keep it simple and moisturize
  11. I'm on my 2nd day of taking 900mg of saw palmetto a day and so far so good. This morning I woke up with a nice dewey plump look but I didn't attribute that to the saw palmetto because I have many mornings where I wake up with a nice complexion which usually last like 10 minutes before it turns into a nasty oily mess. However that didn't happen today. I even put on a full face of makeup around 4:40am and now its almost 12 so thats practically 8hrs and didn't blot once! I usually have to blot ever
  12. Water only method has noticeably improved my acne but I've always had very minimal acne. Oily skin is my big problem and washing my face with water has slighlty inproved the oil too but not greatly. I've been drinking a lot of lemon water in hopes to balance my internal ph levels and that has slighly helped my complexion as well. As far as supplements I am currently experimenting with saw palmetto and rosemary capsules so I'll see how that goes.
  13. I wash my face and body with only water, drink lemon water a lot, and consume those herbs
  14. Does masturbation have the same effect on females?