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  1. everything is going well so far. I went to the doctor 2 days ago and she said my skin looks better. She said my blood test came out good so she increased my dose from 30 mg to 40 mg. My face and my hair is not oily anymore and I love it. I have some crashes on my hand but my doctor gave me some cream to put on them now they are almost disappear . I'm in love with Accutane rite now. It makes my life so much earlier when I don't have to deal with my oily skin and acne . I hope everyone is doing go
  2. nothing happened to me in my day 4 beside my skin got really oily and then from day 7 till 15, my face and my lip got really dry and I got initial breakout. I'm in day 21 today and my skin is getting better. So just wait it will work on you soon
  3. my face is getting better. I don't break out like crazy anymore. Those old spots are healing. I'm praying that the initial breakout is over. My lip is super dry and my hands are getting dry too but my hair is still oily.
  4. my face is still breaking out and I broke up in the morning I have 5 pimples on my head in the back . Did it happen to anyone? My face is dry now but I my hair is still oily and itchy sometimes . The side effect come and go they are not that bad. Please tell me Accutane is working. And how long the initial breakout last ?
  5. I'm breaking out really bad rite now I have 5 big pimples on my right cheek, 2 on my left cheek and 2 on my forehead. My face is really dry and I have no oil on my face now. Everyone is going out for July 4th but I just stay home a whole day cuz I don't want to go out with a face like this. I hate this. Although I already prepared myself its gonna happen when I decide to go on Accutane . Now I just hope that the break out is gonna be over soon. I want to be out there not in my room.