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  1. I completed a 5 month course of accutane and my skin is now wonderful. It was a horribly tough journey but if it came down to it I'd do it again in a heartbeat. This is one side of my face about two months in, with makeup on. I was too ashamed to take any photos without makeup. This is when I'd just finished my course. I am ridiculously happy to have normal skin for the first time in years!
  2. This is my face now- tiniest bit of BB cream on for a little redness but you'd hardly be able to tell. Thank you accutane for giving me my life back!
  3. Just thought I'd post on here, as I finished my course today. My skin is beautifully clear on my face and back. There are still red marks and the odd tiny pimple but compared to before it's amazing- I'll put a picture up soon. Roaccutane really does work, I'd do it all again if I had to and I'd recommend this drug to anyone. Thank you Roaccutane for giving me my life back!!
  4. Sorry for double posting, just thought I'd upload some pictures to show what's going on at this point in time as I don't like to keep personal stuff on my laptop for long incase my friends or boyfriend see them: Obviously I have makeup on in these pictures, in reality it looks a lot worse
  5. DAY 52 Skin has had a little breakout around my cheeks near my T zone- though it looks vile, I'm seeing it as progress as that area has been quite bumpy for months so hopefully it's shifting now! Though my skin isn't looking great with all the hyperpigmentation and little spots and stuff I can say it's improving. I'm really really hoping it'll look better before uni though. Another thing to throw into the equation is 3 bug bites on my forehead I got a few days ago that make it look even worse!
  6. You look amazing! every time a part of my skin becomes clear I get a really big boost so I can't imagine how happy you must feel
  7. Ahhh good luck with your exam results! We got ours last week (I'm Scottish). I start uni in a month aswel n I'm sooo hoping my skin is alot better! I don't wanna start this course n be constantly wondering if people are looking at my imperfections, if my make-up hase rubbed off or whatever. It's a stress you really don't need when starting uni! I haven't read all of your log and I was just wondering when you mentioned your back feeling great, I'm guessing you were experiencing back pain? I've be
  8. DAY 43 Breaking out with lots of little tiny spots that were bumps under the skin... being very good at leaving these alone bar one kind of under my chin! It had to go I guess the quality of my skin is better, the bumps have really gone down and the remainders are being shoved out now, it looks almost normal with makeup on but the red marks just look so awful from all the breaking out My next appointment is on Monday so I may ask about that. Back still feels great, only two spots came up when
  9. DAY 41 Not posted for a while... still breaking out, no immediate improvements but I continue to have faith that the drug is working Got a spot on my nose this morning and I was really upset, I never get them on my nose One thing I really need to do is stop over squeezing these bastards, I really went for it last week and I can guarantee my skin wouldn't look as bad as it does now if I didn't, I ripped large areas of the top layer of skin too whilst doing this and I can only pray that once it
  10. once an area has cleared of spots its nice to feel smooth skin and it's nice for your hair not to be greasy by the end of the day! It's nice that your skin is flaking so often that red marks don't have much time to stick around too
  11. Yeah same, it's NEVER been this bad I just hope it's true what they say and it does suddenly just click and get better... lucky to say I'm not breaking out anywhere that's unusual for me to break out, but I think there isn't a clear place where I do at the moment! So annoying Still, I'd rather have it all in one go for a month and then never have to deal with again My friends have been really supportive too which is lovely, but I'm not so good with meeting new people. DAY 32 Well the breaking
  12. It sucks doesn't it! I'm glad to hear you're feeling like there's improvement bodyandsoul tell me about it, my skin is really breaking out at the moment and it makes me want to hide under a rock, but the parts of my face that don't get spots seem really lovely... I hope the rest of my face will follow suit! DAY 32 Ergh I feel like my skin is getting worse by the day, most of my actives came to a head my skin is still peeling and the skin underneath is raw and sore and horrible. Luckily I was
  13. DAY 31 Skin still a mess, nothing really changed except for new nodules... my chin where I had the huge breakout has gone a reddy-orangey colour and it's really scaly and feels like a burn. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do about it? I'm meant to be going out tomorrow for a friend's birthday but I really don't want to go looking like this...