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  1. Honey, I can totallly sympathize!! Proactve was terrible for my face and so was Retin-A, I looke like a monster, I found out that I am allergic to vitiman_A and BP (in proactive) but if Retin A helped before I would suggest switching to the cream form or seeing your derm for a follow-up appointment to see if you are having an allergic reaction or if after Proactive your face is still to sensitive for such a strong pescription. Even after previously being on a med going off it then going on you c
  2. Hi again, thanks for all the advis and encouragement! I am 23 and unfortunatly, I cannot take Accutane because of an allergy to vitiman A (what is in Accutane) and really my skin is not nearly as bad as I make it out to be (I live in West Hollywood and work in Real Estate and the entertainment industry so how I look is very important) my acne (okay not acne, just an occasional breakout) is no where bad enough to get even the most unscruplous DR. to prescribe it to me. SO accutatne is out, but I
  3. Hi! I was on Ortho-tri and the Lo versio and both responded very poorly for me Ihad terrile mood swings, weight gain, migrains and baddd breakouts, really bad acne so switched to Yasmin and dramatic improvement in all areas,but everyone responds differently to birthcontrols. GOod Luck!!
  4. I really wanted to use accutane and went to several derms to try and convince them to prescribe me but unfortunately, I have an extreme sensitivity to vitiman A and none of the 4 derms I went to would prescribe it to me because they didnt think my skin was sever enough to qualify. I also re-read my post and it sounds like I think acne is a hopeless situation, but I merely meant to but things in prespective for others. Thanks for the suggestion, I wish I could take accutane.
  5. After organizing my finances for the new year, I was shocked to find that I have spent approximately $28,000 in my quest for perfect skin. I know that that sounds like alot, but I have gone to Every measure to ensure that my skin is perfect and you know what, I have wasted my time and money. I have only began to break out about 4 years ago. I have been to the best dermotologists around the country (the kind that dont take insurance and I am adding the plane fare to see them into my total expense
  6. I had maybe 2 small zits when I decided to completely clear myself using Proacitve 3-step kit. After 3 weeks of using I was redfaced and severely broken out. I immediately discontinued use and went to my derm 2 weeks later. Unforutnately, proactive caused me to develope cystic acne that was deep under my skin, painful zits under my skin that looked like big white dots. My derm told me that he had seen this before with proactive users and there is no way to get rid of it except internal extractio
  7. Hi! I did the Perricone prescription about a year ago and found some of the information helpful. I gave up coffee and soda and ate more salmon, canalope, spinach and nuts and drank only green tea and water. I noticed some improvement, nothing as dramatic as he promised, but a little less redness and better skin texture. However, this diet is sooo expensive and hard to maintaine!!! I only stuck with it for about 2 weeks, now I just use parts of the plan like no coffe or soda, drink lots of water,
  8. Okay so I have been taking 100mg of sipro in addition to yasmin and fineca gel and so far so good! My break outs are diminishing and I have only gotten a few (2) new spots on my chin that have been threatening to erupt for about a month, so maybe the sipro is bringing them to surface? No bad side effects from the sipro so far aside from a little extra dryness which I conteract with a small drop of Biotherm Source therapy ( great stuff!!) but I am in Washington state for the holidays (as opposed
  9. Hello! I am new to the forum but have been suffering from acne for 4 years (i am now 23). I think my acne is morderate and primarily on my chin (hormonal). My face is sometimes clear for months then errupts really bad, but recently it has been consistantly broken out with a few small pimples on my chin. I am starting a new system and was hopeful to recieve some feedback or advice. Here is my plan: Morning: Drink green/white tea with 2 oz. aloe vera juice and 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil. Take 50 m