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  1. Woke up to a cyst on my cheek yesterday, whereas today, it's now red without even touching it. Perfect, just perfect. Enough is enough, I'm done. Every single day, it's the same thing over and over again. I wake up and nothing changes, it's beyond irritating, then when it starts to slowly improve, I break out again. I can't take it anymore. At my age, it's all a popularity contest as well, in regards to both looks and materialistic things, it pisses me off. I can't even look into the mirror prop
  2. Most people here have basically hit the nail on the head in regards to your question, but I haven't been on here for a while, so here's my two cents. Relationships have it's ups and downs, but in the end, they're totally worth it. When it comes to finding a girl who you really want to be with, nothing beats the feeling of being able to say that you're with that certain girl, so in regards to that, just give it a whirl. In all honestly, I'm tired as hell right now, so what I'm typing might sound
  3. I'm not going to lie, this past week hasn't been the best of weeks, nor has the past month been the best of months. In all honesty, I've been feeling pretty bad for quite some time now and the worst part is that my mood has been like a roller coaster, it keeps going up and down, and I'm afraid that it'll derail. Acne wise, parts of my face have cleared up, yet other parts have been breaking out, so I guess you could say it's been slightly improving in that department. Other than that, I'm not ev
  4. Yesterday had to be one of the roughest days for me in a very long time. I'm not going to get into it, but let's just say it involved a physical altercation with a family member. All because of how I felt about my skin. We're all good now and it wasn't anything big, but it wasn't the prettiest of sights either. Especially for my mum. Other than that, my skin's still the same. Today at the gym, I came across a girl, who was without a doubt incredibly beautiful, yet she had severe acne scars along
  5. You're not alone bro. I'm a virgin as well, but I'm a 17-year-old guy. The furthest I've been with a girl was third base, but that was with my ex-girlfriend. Two years ago to be exact. Hell, I was even considering going all the way, but in the end, I knew it wasn't worth it, because I personally felt that she was not for me. We are two completely different people. I recall talking about this with someone else just the other day or so. He was feeling down about being a virgin at a young age.
  6. For my school photo, I was in the weights room beforehand, so I guess you could say I was beat and pouring with sweat as I got my picture taken. I looked like I just finished a marathon and for about a month or so, I copped a bit from everyone, but it was all in good fun, at least I think it was. Other than that, my face tends to get oily at times, which can get quite frustrating.
  7. Whenever I go out and party, which is rarely, I guess you could say I'm the type of guy that fetches people water whenever they're puking their brains out. I only have a drink or two, but overall, the only type of parties I enjoy are raves. Letting go, expressing yourself, and having fun. Not getting wasted or popping pills just to fit in, despite quite a few people at raves doing that stuff, but regardless, partying isn't something I would do all the time. Hell, I'm not even above the legal age
  8. As of right now, I don't have any active acne, which I'm over the moon about. Post acne is another story though. Dealing with active scarring isn't an easy task, but I'm trying to overcome it. As long as I'm healthy, then I'm happy. Sure, I might live in a rich area, where everybody thinks life is a popularity contest, but I couldn't care less. I dress the way I want to and do things my own way, yet having acne basically means that I don't take care of myself, according to the locals. Go ahead a
  9. For the first time in a month, I had a shave, which felt amazing and refreshing. The only downside is that being clean-shaven makes my scars that are fading look more visible, but overall, my skin's looking a whole lot better compared to what it looked like earlier in the year. Other than that, earlier in the week, I started breaking out on my chest, which felt like a side effect to the recovery shakes I've been taking after the gym. I bought some protein powder today, so I'm hoping that I don't
  10. I'm a virgin and I'm proud. Trust me, it's better to be a virgin than a father at an early age. You should be proud that you're still a virgin. It takes more guts to refrain from sex and to ignore the comments as you're still a teenager. Save it for someone special, someone you love and trust, so you'll always remember it as a happy moment. Be patient and wait until you're overflowing with desire and affection for your partner. Remember that some things in life are worth protecting, once you los
  11. That's rough bro. I don't know about you, but if my friends posted a video of me getting beat up on Facebook, I would go off at them. It's not funny if you're not comfortable with everybody laughing at your expense. If your friends did what I just said for that particular reason, then they don't sound like true friends to me. You don't need them if they're bringing you down, but that's just my opinion. I, for one, understand where you're coming from. Throughout high school, I've come across t
  12. Its called Metabolism bro. I couldnt gain weight for the life of me, until I turned about 19. Give it some time. Eat a LOT of protein and carbs and dont forget veggies, of course. Some people have high metabolism their entire life. It took me over a year to gain 20 lbs, after working out 5 days a week, consuming a shit ton of calories, and whey protein. To this day, im still skinny, and I always will be. Im cool with it. Better be skinny and healthy, then over weight and have to constantly worry
  13. Easily my older sister. To say the least, my older sister's skin is flawless to an extent where it looks like she's wearing makeup 24/7. It's that good and it kills me inside from time to time. I mean, at least she's supportive and all with me whenever I'm feeling down, but since she's moved, I'm slowly getting used to dealing with breaking out and having no positive comments by my side, but I'm doing what I can to make myself feel good and it's pretty tough due to having unknown depression and
  14. Thank you all for the feedback. Yeah, I got to a stage where I just tried my best to do what makes me happy, so that probably explains the positive attitude. It's not easy, but it's paying off. My lifestyle could be better though. I'm an athlete and play quite a lot of sport, yet due to unknown depression and sadness at times, as well as a bit of stress from school, I only get 1-5 hours sleep every night. My diet was terrible until around early this year, but it's improved significantly, yet
  15. Long story short, I started breaking out in October last year, so it's already been one full year of me with acne, but it's been both annoying and depressing at times, but now I personally don't care what people think of my skin. So, judging by the pictures, would you say it's bad enough to go on accutane? I don't know what to do anymore after trying several products and antibiotics. Thanks. Note: A few of the spots are actually freckles and have had them since I was little. Also, I just w