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  1. Has this forum/thread always been this dead?
  2. No facial purge. Chest acne has purged like crazy though. Lips more dry. Not much else going on.
  3. I have oily skin too, which I actually like, except for all the acne of course. But clear skin and oily skin, to me, is the ideal situation! No idea about tolerance by the way, it doesn't make too much sense given what I know about the drug and how it works.
  4. Started yesterday. Changed my regimen to be just 10mg 2-on, 1-off (~7 mg /day). Also plan on taking krill oil daily, and on the off days, 2,000 IU vitamin D. That's it. For how long? Not sure. Gonna play it by ear and see how I do with side-effects. Plan is to take it for 1 year at most.
  5. Sorry to hear that. I was planning on taking 10 mg/day week 1, 10 mg two-days on, 1-day off for week 2-3, and thereafter take 10 mg every other day. Once I achieved complete and lasting clearance of acne I'd continue for 3-4 more months. My guess is that I'd likely take it for one year.
  6. So nobody on here has done low dose accutane and come out without any hair loss or thinning?
  7. Can I just say that I want to nominate this entire thread for being one of the craziest threads, not just on acne.org, but on the entire internet. Holy crap.
  8. Either way, fungal or not, I'm not really thinking of getting back into the topical game after years of just washing my face and occasionally applying sunscreen on my nose. I spend enough time every morning lancing my 1-2 whiteheads and washing my face. Whether its fungal, bacteria, or hey, even viral, I'm not looking for a temporary solution.
  9. I used to visit this site back when I was a teenager, and I haven't posted in years, maybe even a decade. I've gone through the gauntlet of products, and tried overdosing on B5 and Vitamin A. Both gave me horrible hair thinning and loss (B5 much worse than vitamin A), however both helped my acne a lot. My hair is doing better now, still thin, but I've come to terms with how it looks and for the most part, it looks good. I still have mild-moderate acne, mainly characterized by 0-3 flat, ligh
  10. THIS! I haven't quite made the physiological connection, but once in a while I will get out of the shower and dry my face with the towel and the process is very easy as the water will just stay on top of the skin (hydrophobic). This is usually a good sign and my skin feels good these days. Other days, no matter how much I pat dry my skin it still feels wet and gross. I think the ability of the skin to repel water and act as a surfactant is incredibly important. Anyone might have an idea of what