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  1. Thanks for your reply. I've tried taking a photo but have been unsuccessful in capturing the actual appearance of the lines because it's the movement of my face in the light that shows you them and how shiny they are. (it might sound subtle but they still worry me. Or maybe I just don't know the best angle to take a picture) I'm pretty sure they are actually stretch marks now as I just found a post on another site of someone saying their Derm told them skin can crack after being so dry which c
  2. I've been on the regimen for a couple months now and my face has definitely become much clearer. However, it is extremely dry and flaky lately. I find myself peeling and picking the skin off.. And now, looking closely in the mirror, I see these thin, stretch-like, shiny, very shallow, indented lines on my cheeks. It looks like scaring but is only noticeable close up and it freaks me out. The lines are most prominent and shiny after using the BP and when looking at the skin pushed up, like from s
  3. I have what looks like stretch marks on my face now after being on the regime for 2 months or so. My skin has cleared significantly but it is extremely dry and peeling. The marks look like thin and shiny lines on my front cheeks. Do they go away? Does anyone have any experience with this? I read on another site that skin can crack after becoming so dry which can cause stretch marks. No further information however. I appreciate any feedback.