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  1. Dairy free diet had a HUGE EFFECT on my acne. However, I was doing it all wrong at first. To cut out dairy (milk dairy) aside from eggs, completley out of my diet I realized how important it was to read the nutrition labels. Sometimes protein shakes, starbucks SYRUPS, and etc have traces of dairy in it. When not taken into careful consideration this all adds up!
  2. Cow milk had a horrible efffect on my skin. The hormones (which exist whether it is organic or not) causes me to have an imbalance and break out. I had to cut it out of my diet altogether. This can be really tricky because some products have milk in it (milk fat) so it is really important to check the ingredient list. Even my favorite white mocha syrup at starbucks had traces of dairy in it. Just becareful!
  3. I HAVE TO BASE MY LIFE AROUND MY SKIN..... I have had acne problems my entire life, usually cystic bumps about 4-5 at a time and other smaller sized pimples. I seriously have tried everything and now I have a psychotic but effective routine that helps me stay clear!!!!! I just want to mention that I have spent over thousands of dollars trying to fight this problem and hours and hours of research and trials. I hope it becomes a help for some of you. Morning: Nature's Cure Acne pill (women) &l