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  1. OK, thanks you everyone, seems that dermatologist is the way to go then. In the mean while I will also try the Dalacin-T, hope that it will help curing it somehow. I should revise my diet too... Once again, thanks everyone
  2. Hi, I m a teen (15 years old) and I 'm suffering from a really bad acne and acne scar, and there are lots of it, the picture will explain a lot I believe few of my acne are cyst-type acne(not sure), the middle spot (reddest spot) also contain some acne, which I believe are "buried" deep under the skin. I admit that I do pick the blackheads and acne just now and now I really regret of it Other than the few severe acne, all others that make my skin looks reddish are those old acne scar. whic