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  1. As promised, here is my update from the end of week 2. Week 2 was definitely not what I expected. I thought it was go as well as week 1; but alas, it did not. I am not going to go into every single zit I encountered all week - but lets just say, I definitely saw new acne. I started getting a lot of new acne on my forehead. The zits around my eyebrows got better on one side and never subsided on the other. It was misery because it was definitely one of those massive ones that just won't die.
  2. I know I said I wasn't going to post again for another week but I needed to add a few details. - No new acne today! - All the acne I spoke of in Day 6 is going away! Yay! - I wanted to make sure I updated everyone on two other changes to my routine that I believe are helping. 1. I am extra careful when brushing my teeth to not let any toothpaste get on my skin. I am even trying my hardest to ensure that i get as little as possible on my lips. Wouldn't it be interesting if that was a fac
  3. Day 6 was sort of a set back - I mentioned earlier that I had these two zits above my eyebrows. Those are still there and there appears to be another on my forehead and another above my eyebrow. However, this is likely my fault. Because I have a hard time leaving the zits alone, I tend to touch and feel where I know zits are on my face. Therefore, I have a feeling my touching and slight picking has caused these new zits. So here is my advice even though we have all heard it a MILLION TIMES - DO
  4. Day 5 was wonderful! All the existing spots are drying up and should be gone within a few days. NO new acne - which is a great feeling. Continuing to stay out of the sun for any prolonged periods of time and keeping my blanket away from my face when I sleep.. to the best of my ability. There is one spot on the left side of my face, close to my chin, where there might be a new acne spot. This is the most woeful spot on my face... not sure why this one particular spot on my face gets so overwh
  5. Day 4 was a big, big improvement! Having stayed out of the sun, I noticed no new acne marks. The others are now having to heal so that will probably take a few extra days. Again, completely keeping my face out of the sun and continuing to force myself not to pick. Otherwise, I really don't have a lot to say. I feel like the plugs all over my face are starting to get looser and looser. I really just think my face is ultra sensitive. Some parts are just not made for a lot of sun exposure. And
  6. So, day 3 was definitely a set back. The sweat did nothing to cause acne - even after letting it dry on from being at the pool & working out the day prior. However, I did get some new acne spots in places where my acne tends to flare up - the most sensitive places on my face. My conclusion is that it was a cause of the sun exposure. I know this is the case because while I was in the car/out of the sun my skin felt dry and hot - not necessarily from sun burn but just from the exposure on m
  7. So, when I woke up this morning, the white heads that had previously been there were still there and just about ready to bust. I did very carefully dispose of one (probably shouldn't have but I couldn't help myself.) New acne - I did have a few new bumps. They were all centered around me eyebrows and one between my eyes. They aren't huge and they are all 3 under the skin. My guess is they will turn to white heads and dry up. It is no surprise to me that this is the case. The first few days a
  8. ngunter88

    Day 1

    So, I decided to track my progress during an experiment of not washing my face. I never got acne until college - I started working out more often and showering more often - hence, I started seeing a lot more acne than I ever previously saw. Unfortunately, my knee jerk reaction was running to the dermatologist and getting on antibiotics & a BP body wash. I followed that regimen with daily moisturizer for a quite some time. To make matters worse, this actually worked really well for me. It