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  1. the stormclouds come and my face gets worse! I need to change my thinking to be more positive. I am tired of creating my own hell--obsess, pick, obsess... The fact that I am on medications is no longer a solace--I am getting impatient but want to stick it out at all costs. I just wish i knew WHICH medication/product would be my magical potion. sick of trial & error...I WANT TO LIVE with zest and confidence...Not hiding behind makeup and hair in my face. Live out in the sunlight--not
  2. Glad I can help! I am currently on Spiro (Aldactone) and have been for the past 2 months. I asked for it because my skin was too oily and contributing to my breakouts. I started on 50 mg for 6 weeks and asked to bump up to 100mg two weeks ago. It takes time to work into your system but it will help little by little and you will probably see drastic improvements after 3-4 months--allegedly! I have not gotten to that point yet, but it has made a difference in the amount of oil my skin is pro
  3. Wow, skin doctors can be so pushy and frustrating! I feel ya in your gut reaction to stay away from Dianette if getting off the BC was what caused your breakouts. Your acne definitely sounds hormonal, and I would imagine that you would benefit from spiro. My doctor never heard of it being used for acne either, so I printed out evidence from scholar-reviewed articles I found on the web and brought it to her asking for the spiro. If it's still not enough, tell them you have hirutism as well. T
  4. from the looks--and it's quite a blurry look-- the red dots look like post-acne marks or possibly rosacea. OR, maybe an allergy? shaving sensitivities? hmmmm...
  5. Hi, I love this post because it is very honest and exactly what I've been going through. I didn't break out until I was 18 and I got stuck wearing makeup to hide the blemishes and now I am "addicted" to it as a NECESSITY and I completely resent it as well. I dream of being makeup free! I hope you have a happy birthday and your skin gives you the gift of NOT being a spastic jerk
  6. hello! Hmmm, I wonder if I am inclined to the same picking OCD--I just can't help myself most nights. :-/ I think I am "helping" the situation too against better judgement. I just can't stop!
  7. To others, I am okay. I seem fine. People assume I have my shit together and I am content. Personally, I am sad and losing hope that my skin will ever turn around...and it's a really shitty feeling. My SKIN. MY FACE. Why is this SO important to me to the extent that I would RATHER sit inside all day and sleep as much as possible. Avoiding my friends and family. Passing on picnics and parties. Avoiding daylight at all costs. Lying to my children to cover up why I dont want to go out,
  8. Thanks Moxi--I'm more pissed that I paid THOUSANDS for really awful skin. Totally sucks! I'm determined to stick with the doxy/spiro combo even tho the red blaring bumps all over my face haven't been going anywhere. I promised myself to tough it out to at least 3 months---I really hope it starts working soon though
  9. Pillbug

    Clear Skin :)

    Gorgeous! Glad to see you found something that works! My skin turned on my after i had my son so I assume my acne has a lot to do with hormones. I wish I could use BP but it is too harsh for my skin that sucks about the hairloss. I stopped accutane after 3 weeks because it was already hurting my eyes and gave me chronic chapped lips--its some heavy duty (scary) stuff! Did you try Spirolactonane for your hairloss?
  10. Yay for improvement! Your Breakouts look like mine and I am also waiting for spiro to kick in. How much are you taking? My first month on it sucked--acne got a bit worse but I am hoping 100mg of spiro & 100mg of doxy will be kinder to me after 2 months in. I love your photo updates. How's it going now?
  11. Hello everyone! It finally happened... I finally got the skin I *used* to shudder at the thought of---the kind of skin that made me thank my lucky stars that MY acne wasn't THAT BAD. . Yep...my entire face erupted in cystic acne and it is all thanks to microdermabrasion. UGH! It all began in June when I foolishly sought laser resurfacing to get rid of all the post acne markings on my face. No--it didn't magically peel away my skin to reveal clear baby-like skin (like it was marketed to m
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys! It works for some, not for others. I was researching the oil cleansing methods because my face was so traumatized by the laser that most cleansers felt brutal to my newly sensitive skin. I fell in love with coconut oil--for some reason it healed the zits I picked at and worked great at removing my makeup--but it is def true about needing to wash it off completely after. The Indian healing mask worked well too, but then I went out and did something STUPID...I g
  13. I finally received my Amazon shipment of natural skincare items and decided to put the oils to the test. Background info: I (stupidly) resorted to laser treatment for surface imperfections and it made everything worse + broke me out like CRAZY! I haven't broken out this bad since I tried that evil Murad acne system almost ten years ago! Anyways, it's been a depressing few weeks as I watch my complexion get worse everyday. I decided to clear it naturally, after the OTC acne products aggravat
  14. Triple omg--this sounds like the rant I've been brewing in my head. You are spot on! I've created bad skin by using harsh chemicals. It's money motivated business and completely destructive to us. I have had enough! And to the user who recommended the African Black soap--yay! I used to buy that from an African Mask shop in Hollywood and it was amazing! I had forgotten about it ( was too busy putting unnatural things on my face for the past few years) til it turned up as a "recommendation" on am
  15. I am tryi g to give up gluten too! beers have gluten, so be careful. Green tea helped with my acme flare up recently. I brew it, drink it and then put the tea bag on inflamed skin. Worth a try!