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  1. My face is covered with theses red marks from old acne but I barely have any actual acne just all these red marks that won't fade. Should I still continue accutane? I just finished my second month There's a picture
  2. I have been washing my face morning and night and always apply moisturizer but my face is still irritated. But I tried washing once at night and my skin tone looked better. Is it better to wash once at night and still apply moisturizer? I'm on 30mg of accutane and use ceraVe cleanser and moisturizer
  3. thanks so much. I'm at 1 month of accutane so hopefully I see some results soon
  4. thanks. I'm going to use the Cerave AM moisturizing lotion in the morning. At night I'm going to use the Cerave moisturizing lotion. Is there a difference between the cream(tub) and the lotion (bottle ) cause I have the lotion
  5. I'm on my 1st month of accutane (30 mg) I'm experiencing dry skin and my face is always red. I'm using CeraVe gentle foaming face wash. Should I use a oil-free moisturizer from CeraVe? I tried for a couple days to moisturize but I had a bunch of pimples flare up the next day. And do I moisturize morning and night after I use my cleanser?
  6. I agree Its my way of life like just taking off a week felt so weird but I make sure I shower after every workout I dont know why its gotten so bad
  7. I'm having the same exact problem. I've been lifting for 4 years and seen some great results but it ruined my face. I'm starting accutane and I plan on taking a week of too see if it will heal
  8. I lift about 6 days a week and use creatine and drink protein shakes everyday. Could this hurt the effects of accutane and make my face worse?
  9. yeah I'm getting these big individual whiteheads on my face along with small ones. im into 2 weeks I just wanna know when its going to calm itself and begin its path to improvement
  10. I'm on my second week of Claravis 30 mg (Accutane) has anyone else taken this and seen good results? also how long will I see some benefits cause I know I need to be patient for the initial breakout time to pass
  11. I use both ceraVe's AM and moisturizer hopefully ill see better results
  12. I just started accutane and am starting to get red, dry, irritated face but I see my acne bumps flaky and exfoliating. Should I still use a moisturizer at night and in the morning or should I just use a cleanser?
  13. I'm seeing my derm tomorrow because for 5 months shes been giving me products that havent done a thing. We are planning on starting accutane tomorrow as well and I was wondering how long it will take for me to some results. Also, I have severe hyperpigmentation and discoloration all over my face will accutane help this fade?
  14. I was prescribed by my derm to use Finacea in the morning and Epiduo at night with the pill Doryx. Is it okay if I use CerAve gentle cleanser instead of cetaphil?
  15. After using AHA for a year now, my red marks have not faded because of it but have faded from preventing new acne, personally I believe the best way to remove red marks is to prevent new acne, for me, that was the only way, using aha every night all the time to be honest just gave my a bit of a dry face in the morning. I agree on preventing new acne. But at the same time, you want to remove the red marks from previous acne. That's what I'm working on. I found I couldn't tolerate AHA but had