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  1. deekayy

    Moisturizes quickly Leaves necessary oils on face Great if you have a dry face from using things like acne gels, etc. can be a little too greasy sometimes, especially if you have a really oily face Works well as a moisturizer (it's been said that Marilyn Monroe actually smeared vaseline all over her face when getting ready in the morning), however can cause breakouts if you tend to have very oily skin, but overall is great if you need a quick fix for extremely dry skin
  2. deekayy

    Has 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Is easy to apply to the skin Clears up acne pretty well Great if you have bad acne or if you have really oily skin Can be drying if you use too much of it all of the time Is great overall if you have moderate acne or really oily skin. Helps to minimize zits quickly. I wouldn't recommend it if you have very sensitive skin, but you could try it as a spot treatment. And as always with every acne spot treatment, MOISTURIZE!!!
    Has SPF 15 for those crazy people scared about getting skin cancer It's OLAY!!! Which means you get like 800 different things all in one :) Very hydrating While you're protecting your skin from the sun while wearing this, you're also moisturizing and ensuring that your skin won't look like crap when you get older Great for dry skin Can be for men or women (for men, who cares if it's Olay? this stuff works, so just give it a try) Makes your face look oily (if you already
  3. deekayy

    Can conceal even the darkest of scars that you may have on your face Doesn't look cakey on your face Will not make you look like Boy George Can be used on men or women None! Or at least none that I've encountered so far This makeup can be used as an actual foundation (which I don't recommend because it can lead to more acne), but the best part about it is that it can be used as a concealer. With a sponge, or even with your finger, you can blend the product in so that whatever you
  4. deekayy

    It's a gel, so it doesn't dry out as fast as a cream would when you try to apply it Works with all skin types, particularly people who don't have a very oily face Contains 2% salicylic acid...which, as those of us with really oily skin know, means that it doesn't do crap Clearasil claims for this product that it can reduce pimple size and redness in as little as 4 hours...yeah, that's a lie If you only get a little bit of acne, then I would say that this product may work for you (and
    It's a gel, so it doesn't dry out quickly when you're applying it It has resorcinol, salicylic acid, and sulphur Is meant for adults who suffer from acne Works very well None! Or at least none that I've encountered so far I thought that this product was great, and I liked it that there is something out there for adult acne sufferers (even though I'm only 18, but this gives me hope for the future). It's great if you have really oily skin, but I wouldn't recommend it if your skin is
  5. deekayy

    Great for very oily skin Provides gentle relief for oily, irritated, red, damaged, blemished, or inflamed skin Cleanses and conditions skin without overdrying the skin Can be used on the face and the body None! Or at least none that I've encountered so far This product is amazing, not only is it natural (if you're into that), but it also gets rid of excess oil that is on your face. It can be used on any other part of your body that has acne as well.
  6. deekayy

    Dries out acne and scabs Works very quickly Can also be used on every other part of your body as a first-aid antiseptic Leaves an orange tint on the skin Might sting a little Iodine is great for drying out zits and also drying out scabs. It does leave an orange tint on the skin, so if you plan on using it on your face, I recommend using it at night after washing your face.
  7. deekayy

    Makes skin feel great Shrinks the size of pores Helps to dry up zits quickly Great to use when it's hotter outside Reduces the amount of oil on face Can dry out your skin (if used everyday) If you intend on using this everyday, I would recommend using a moisturizer, especially during fall and winter. Overall, I have had no problems with this product. It effectively draws out excess oil from your face.
    Gets rid of redness really quickly Can be used as a mask or a face wash Has salicylic acid, but also has ingredients that calm redness and irritation down Great for if you just popped a zit and you have to go do something None! Or at least none that I have experienced This product is great if you have redness or irritation on your face or if you just want something that can help to get rid of your zits. It not only calms redness and treats zits with salicylic acid, but it mildly m
  8. deekayy

    Leaves face moisturized and hydrated Can be used to take makeup (even waterproof mascara) off and cleanse face at the same time Can be used by those who have sensitive skin Leaves a small film on your face (this would only be considered a con if you don't like that sort of thing...if your face is extremely dry, you'll consider this a pro) Can make your face look and become oily (I would only recommend using this at night) This product is very great overall, but I would not recomme
  9. deekayy

    Natural For all skin types Does NOT irritate the skin :) 100% Natural Has no harsh chemicals Dissolves the excess oil from your face Clears pores Rinses Clean Maintains the Ph of your skin Does NOT dry out skin (effective for everyday use) No soaps, oils, parabens, sulfates, dyes None! Or at least none that I have encountered myself This product is excellent if you want something that is not extremely harsh on your skin, it is also really great i