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  1. Honestly I use to have the same mentality that things won't get better oh god was I delusional. It definitely does get better with time I use to have very severe acne in high school and was always so self conscious about it but trust me it definitely does get better just stay positive and stay clear of dairy gave me horrible breakouts.
  2. Definitely the cheeks, I use to play lacrosse in hs and one time I got a zit there and it hit against my helmet In a game, three years later it's scarred and still there. Also, the side of your nose it just brings a lot of attention to your face so I hate getting them there.
  3. Go to the doctor trust your gut It doesn't seem as bad but your young you never know it could get better or worse and plus I'm pretty sure acne affects not only you but millions emotionally as well and some of us aren't as confident to embrace the acne and act as if it's not a problem long story short Lol goto a doctor!
  4. lol this has be laughing on the side note I don't mind a girl with acne I seen so many girls who have mild to moderate acne be so positive that im actually attracted to them in the end you have to think about it are you attracted to someone's personality and the way they are or their skin?
  5. Wow dude after reading all that I wish I could guide a little better or you can some what learn from my experience I also use cetaphils motiruzer but only in the morning and it use to burn like crazy only when I used bp so I think there may be a correlation between the two I personally think you just just use the cleanser once in the morning and once in the night and moisturizeyour skin wheneveryou need it twice..three or even four times a day and use the epiudo once every week as I think you pe
  6. my typical day would go such as waking up eating a peice of fruit or two (no citrus or overly sweet fruits) then drink A liter of green tea then around lunch i'll have some black beans and another liter of green tea and at dinner i'll hate flat bread made from chickpeas and a liter of water and thats about it.. but i occasionally have rice and some naan bread does that seem okay?
  7. Hey man! Im also using the oxy deep pore cleanser and i'd highly recommend you don't use all those products or work your way up from just the oxy cleanser and a good moisturizer to more products. The pore cleanser drys out my skin already and assuming it might dry out yours as well and using all those products may irritate your skin and cause you to get a unwanted breakout. ah i hate acne.. anyways keep me up to date and hopefully your skin clears up
  8. This is so my mom having a brown south asain family my momcant keep her mouth closed she often tells her friends and anyone she knows for a while it's such s let down she often would say 'do you know anything my son can do for his spots' to everyone grr you're not alone :'(
  9. It's been almost 2 weeks since I started a vegan diet like yours and I broke out bad jw did you get a initial breakout when you first started the diet?
  10. That obsession to look in the mirror every 20 mins to see if your skin got clearer
  11. 'maybe if he didn't have so much acne I'd go out with him!' so much bad feels
  12. Definitely give up the dairy just for a bit and see if you see results or just switch to almond milk or another form of milk that doesn't contain dairy and if you don't then most likely dairy doesn't have that big of effect on you. I know that even if I get a sip of dairy my face breaks out like crazy so I just avoid it all together, btw did you recently start to eat something that you weren't eating in the past?
  13. Woah that is really weird considering ys honey saved my skin (oh god how i wish I was clear) maybe you're allergic to the bee pollen or maybe even the honey itself you're best bet is to stay away from it as you said and good luck man I hope you find something that works for you
  14. In between the eyebrows idk why i just get so deprssed if i get it there