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  1. has anyone else had the experience of red marks and brown spots fading after they had a tan?
  2. thanks for the link. has anyone had any experience of suntanning when they have recent acne scars? (mine are from 9 months to 1 week old)
  3. the ingrediants are not on the tube
  4. sorry! that 99% water and 1% bp was a leaflet i had from a face wash a few years ago that i had from the doctors, but it was crap and has never been used since. i cant find the one for the bp, so i dont no what percentage it is. it is one my doctor recommended i got from the chemist. it is called clear by design 2.5 gel. does that mean it is 2.5 bp? it does not have instuctions on the tube, only on the packaging which i cant find.
  5. i have stopped using bp for 3 days now. i am just using a cleansing lotain for normal skin and a moisteriser for normal skin. my skin is still dry and flaky but i can see a little bit of improvement on my chin and cheeks. and so far i havent broke out which i was scared woul happen if i stopped using bp.
  6. will sunbathing help scars fade or will it make them worse?
  7. the other ingrediant is purified water (99%)
  8. i got it from my doctors (i live in the uk). im sorry i cant find the other ingrediants at the moment, the leaflet to go with the cream is in the bathroom and my brother is in there. i will write the ingrediants when i can get the leaflet. here is what i do every day; in the morning i wash my face with a face wash for oily to combination skin. i then spray my face with cold water to close the pores. after 5 minutes i apply moisteriser, and then after 30 minutes i apply makeup. in the evening i w
  9. my friend was on birth control and her eyelids dried out and lips cracked to.
  10. no7 cleansing gel for oily/combination skin
  11. i have been on the regime for 10 months and for the last 5 months i have only been using the bp once a day (1%) but for the last 3 months my face is looking like a crocodile handbag. it is so flaky and scaly. there is still about 4 spots left though. is it time to stop using bp? any suggestions? i feel embarrased when i go out cos my skin looks like an old ladys (im 18!)
  12. i have been taking oxtetracycline tablets (4 a day) for 1 year and 5 months, but i want to try for a baby. does anyone no how long it takes for these tablets to wear off, or how long i should wait before trying for a baby, because i dont want to cause any harm to the baby. i would ask my doctor, except he does not prescribe me these drugs, i buy them from somewhere online. any help would be apreciated
  13. how long were you on oxtetracycline and how many tablets a day did you take and how long did it take to wear off?