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    Decreases the life of the pimple (dries it up) Fades hyper-pigemntation quickly (4 weeks) after 12 weeks Makes skin glow Makes skin baby soft smooth Makes face sensitive Takes a long time to work requires a lot of patience It works, just give it time...some days you may feel like its not working but it actually is you just can see it YET ...Then one day you'll wake up and VOILA ...the skin is there and anew but that's obviously after weeeks and weeks and weeeks...but you will
  2. The differin has made your skin MORE sensitive...that barrier of dead skin that protects your skin from the environment is gone (because differin has shed it) so your skin is more vulnerable... I have eczema and if I go in an unclean environment or in the sun (in winter) my skin gets a rash more quickly than if I weren't on differin...Differin is not the root cause for the rash but it 'allowed' you to get a rash if that makes sense... If you want to still use differin find out what's causing you
  3. There is no cure for acne. Differin is just a treatment so yes it is only temporary until you stop using it, the only difference is unlike anti-biotics it is less likely you will become immune to it and it is more safer as it is not oral therefore it will only be found in the bloodstream in VERY LOW amounts IF it is found in the blood stream...unlike anti-biotics that 'can' also damage organs... Hope that helps
  4. You need to apply differin to all the areas on your face or its not going to work once you are acne prone those areas you dont apply it too are still at risk for acne...and if you are using differin .1 percent I suggest you up the strength to .3% and youll see a significant improvement in a few weeks.
  5. Well, you can try glycolics...they are less irritating and 'supposedly' work faster at exfoliating than retinoids...and I THINK 11 months is a long time but 'I THINK' (not a doctor here lol) the reason why you are not seeing any progress considering its been 11 months maybe due to the fact you are switching up your retinoids...as each retinoid works differently and activates different nuclear receptors in your skin...so if you used retin a which activates certain receptors then switch to differi
  6. Ok I just read that you are using st.Yves apricot scrub ..becareful with that one as the beads are sharp and can leave microscopic tears and scratches on the surface of the skin as well as rip your pores making them larger if you already have large pores you are at more risk because it will be easier for the beads to tear it...I used to use st. Yves it was good but just be gentle
  7. Hi I noticed you mentioned almond milk...I had to cut that out of my diet as it was causing me to break out ...I had noticed this after eating almonds and switching to almond milk....do becareful with nuts! They are very nutritious but he may have a nut allergy that might effect his skin which maybe causing his immune system to over react resulting in more inflammation...good luck
  8. Thanks that's reassuring, I think one of mine did turn into a small scab (really small, like a dot) and I was worrying because I have never picked my skin. You are welcome..I know how it feels..its doing alot of work (but you cant see it yet) and its no walk in the park but youll get the clear skin aslong as you stick to it ..remember you go through what you go through :) and as for the small dot ye youll get those the medication attacks inflammation and dries up the sebum that would have tu
  9. Hey the first time I used differin with an anti-biotic (didn't have any acne) but i just wanted to get rid of the hyperpigmentation after the anti-biotic cleared up my acne..my skin was even and smooth (like baby skin) after 10 weeks BUT...for acne to clear I used it again and i'm on my 13th week so it took about 13 weeks for my acne to start going away..even at 12 weeks there was no improvement then all of a sudden it worked..youll notice it working when your pimple dries up after 2-3 days and
  10. your skin looks fine..but one time my skin had a few pimples and it got worse over time you can prevent it from worsening in the future by going to the derm...cause when it gets bad it gets bad...maybe you can try a topical antibiotic ..skip out on the retinoids those will just worsen it with an initial break out ...sometimes people have 80 percent and they want the that 20 percent but when the go for that 20 percent to be 100 percent perfect they end up losing out on that 80 percent and just en
  11. It took me 2 months to break out after I came off minocycline (another antibiotic)...and I broke out after being on differin for 15 or so weeks...it wasn't a bad break out because of the differin but the effect of the minocycline would only allow me to have 1-2 or 3 or so pimples on my face at a time but when I came off it after 2 months it was a whole different story but i don't know maybe because I did a detox which had disturbed the bacteria in my skin which was made dormant due to the antibi
  12. It depends on your diet, sleep and all, it worked the first time by 12 weeks I was clear but because I have insomnia and stress about my skin the second time i tried it now at almost 13 weeks I have yet to see improvement....so remember our skin sheds naturally with sleep and nutrients but if you are hardly getting any of these you wont be able to see the extra benefits with differin ...I was so excited for week 12 because of what it did the first time I used it, by week 12 I literally had baby
  13. How long did you stay on differin for? I hope you gave it atleast 12 weeks!
  14. If you guys are worried about breaking out consider starting of with a low concentration with the cream in differin as the cream is less absorbed into the skin than the gel (if you are acne prone due to oily skin this may not benefit you try sticking to the gel if you can) any ways consider taking .1% differin cream and then increasing the concentration to .3 % in the gel. Start low so your skin can adjust properly. You might think getting a low concentration wont benefit your acne but if you ge
  15. I have seen alot worse but ye definitely see a derm its not about how it looks now its about how it looks after...as in will it leave scarring behind? I agree with the above post (green gables) 'cut out dairy' and nuts and gluten see what happens take care.
  16. I am on my twelfth week and no signs of improvement for me..i feel like hiding under a rug will it get better....I'm approaching week thirteen i don't understand why it wont work...its beeeeen 86 days like am I missing something...doing something wrong ..ugh.