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  1. OMG! Applied savlon antiseptic liquid on my face because it's apparently good for acbe and woke up this morning my face looks like a burns victim! My face is red raw sore and it's blistering an oozing got a big chemical burn myskins super sensitive shouldn't have done it i was 90% clear aswell ! My skin feels so sore and bumpy im so upset it burns someone tell m it gonna be alright :'(
  2. Lol I should of done and yes I put it in the fridge so it's nice and cold when it touches your skin it's so nice and refreshing feels well nice and the smell is refreshing to good luck withit let me know how you get on with it all the best
  3. Hi sorry to hear bout that fuking sucks! Mind my language lol , god duac I hate that stuff with a pasion! witch hazel u can go into any chemist and theyl have it, it's like £1.99 and as for a moisturiser any one that's persifically for sensitive skin and non Comedogenic so it won't clog your pores , that duac gel ruind my skin I swear I always used to get the odd spots and they would go away but the duac weakend my skin and left loadsa red marks behind but there slowly fading gd luck
  4. @kiton23 i haven't tried the honey before hope it helps you out and yes im sure it will be 10-0 tibia haha And to the poster below I get one bottle of witch hazel and pour exactly half into another bottle and add 2 freshly squeezed lemons per bottle so that gives you 2 bottles for the price of 1 lol and I just wash with a hot wash cloth morning and night and apply the toner all over with a cotton pad after each wash and leave it on until I wash again, I have the most sensitive skin ever and
  5. Out of 0% -100% I would say about 40% today , better then yesterday tho :/
  6. I'm in exactly the same boat and I'm a 18 year old guy I have bad acne dismorphia, some days I can feel great about my skin and then BAMB a few spots come up and puts me back into severe depression :/ init weird how a couple of spots can make u feel like that, not wanting to do nothing speak or talk to any one I have a rele bad obsession with my skin wich started after a massive breakout ever since its like it's taken my personality away with it , and as soon as they heal I'm back to my happy s
  7. How did it go at work did any one notice?
  8. There closed comedones I got load of them from using bp the only way I was able to get rid of them was squeeze them out.
  9. What type of acne do you have? What have you tried? I hear quite a few people get clear from the reigeim but dosent clear acne marks
  10. Aww thank you so much put a big on my face , your right it is hell didn't even recognize myself in the mirror totally took my amazing personality but I will get that back! Well done on getting clear it's such a achievement i don't have any acne just red marks aswell the lil buggers ! I tried lemon juice on it's own but it was to irritating for my skin so I mixed it at the right cobonation with witch hazel and it's for sure bleaching them away ! thanks again for your reply ! 2 to us 0 to acne ha
  11. A toner I made my self 50% witch hazel mixed with 50% freshly squeezed lemon juice working brilliantly at fighting the bacteria cleansing toning and keeping acne away with the added bonus of the lemon juice fadeing my marks
  12. After a terrible breakout in may and a few prescribed treatments of the doctor witch was a big mistake If you ask me ! The 2 different courses of antibiotics he put me on just made me feel like shit the whole time I was on them and didn't help one bit with my acne an the dreaded duac bp gel he prescribed me my god that stuff nearly made me commit suicide no joke my face had never been that bad bright red coverd in burns D: coz my skins to sensitive !peeling skin worsens my acne and I never ever
  13. 50% of people that start accutane get an IB (initial breakout) I wouldn't worry i hope your accutane course clears you for life !! good luck! And most peoples families are the same thinking it's no big deal or your over reacting but unless you've had it consistently throughout your life you could not possibly know the draining and emotional psychological effect that it brings ! worst disease ever !
  14. After a massive breakout a few months ago I got rid of all my acne and was just left with pih some of it has faded but there's still some pih from may can u believe it ! I never used to get pih before i started using bp it's like the bp weakend my skin now every spot I get leaves a red mark it frustrating! Lol but I'm treating my red marks with witch hazel mixed with pure squeezed lemon juice as the witch hazel kills of bacteria cleans and tones the face and the purely squeezed lemon juice kills
  15. Yeah I use sudocrem to used to use it all the time but only use it occasionally now goodluck on your tetralysal hope it clears you ! did u find going to the doctors for the first time about your acne made you more obsessed with your skin? I did
  16. I'm in the uk to , a couple of months ago I went to my go about my acne it was slightly moderate he prescribed me tetralysal for 2 months it didn't make the blinded bit of difference then I got prescribed trimephoprem wich done nothing either :/ so I've Given up with antibiotics and useless creams of my doctor wich just made it worse and treating it with natural stuff an having much better results worst decision of my life going to the doctors about my acne the duac he prescribed me put me throu
  17. I feel for u mate I've been in that emotional situation I'm 18 year old male to I had the worst breakout of my life 3 months ago still dealing with it . It took that much of an impact I cried everyday wondering when will it be over fucking acne made me quit my job to ! even tried overdosing a few times just wanting it to be over ! what makes it harder is were 18 we should be out partying living a care free life but no acne puts a stop to that ! I rele hope things get better for u mate it looks
  18. Trying a new regime, I have literally tried everything for my stubborn acne and marks, but Here it is.. Get a bottle of witch hazel and pour half of the witch hazel into another bottle get 2 fresh lemons and squeeze out the juice, pour the contents of 1 lemon in each bottle and shake it up and stick it in the fridge and you have 2 bottles of a powerful toner that will last ages! The brilliant healing effects of witch hazel speads up healing process get rid of blemishes and clean and tones the sk
  19. I had the biggest breakout of my life in may but before that my skin wasn't great and not one person ever commented on my skin when I used to be out and about people would look to the floor when I was approaching them as I have been told I'm quite intimidating :L evenback then I was so confident even with abit of acne but since that big breakout in may completely knocked my confidence still dealing with the horrendous breakout from may but if anyone did suggest something for my acne I would be
  20. Thank you to everyone who has replied to my post, the message I wanted to get across is the impact acne has had on our lives and what we have lost because of it, so hopefully if someone feels like an outcast because of the way it ruind your life they can read this post and know that your not alone there's a great number of people that lives have been affected by acne so carry on listing what acne has taken away from you and lets get every member to share their experience if it even helps one me
  21. Post your pics of your acne here and I'll show you what you look like with clear skin people with acne think there ugly wich is not true, the acne is ugly underneath it your beautiful !! I have a professional photo workshop so post your pics and I'll post what you'll look like when your acne clears !
  22. Acne made me loose.... 1. My career 2. My mates 3. Most of my family 4. My income 5. My good looks 6. My confidence 7. My self esteem I could go on people may disagree with the made me part but the psychological effects and the embarrassment of this made me just give up on everything I could not phisicaly or mentally put my self through the shame of being seen like this and when your feeling that down about yourself and life you push the people you love away , I wrote this topic to find out what
  23. After a failed course of tetralysal and duac I was prescribed a 8 week course of trimephorim , finished the course and it done fuck all ! Give up seriously .
  24. People who have severe cystic acne and go out seriously have balls. I've never had a nodule or cyst only black heads white heads and your regular red spot , mines moderate and I can't even bare the thought of going out in daylight ! I refuse to be one of them people that's stared at and looked down apon. how do people with severe cases find the courage to go about there daily life like going out in public ect..? Need some help getting past the anxiety part thanks.