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  1. well, i haven't posted here in quite a while because i had made SO much progress on my acne. it's safe to say it was gone. GONE. i'd get the occasional pimple - one itty bitty teeny tiny one would pop up every now and then. it started last fall and reached its peak in the winter. in the spring, i discovered this website & the regimen, and i gave it a whirl. holy smokes...did it EVER work. i couldn't believe my eyes. don't know what happened recently...but BAM. acne is back in fu
  2. but it seems as though my adult acne is under control. wow. after A LOT of trial and error, i think i've found a regime that works. in the MORNING, i use cetaphil antibacterial bar soap to do a very gentle no-more-than-five-seconds wash. i know, i know. most people discourage the use of soap. & to be honest, i was HIGHLY skeptical but i was desperate. desperate. so i put a very, VERY light coat of that on and rinse it off almost immediately. then i take my cetaphil gentle clea
  3. hi all, i've been suffering recurrent breakouts to my jawline and forehead (with occasional breakouts on my cheeks at times). i am 31 years old and never thought i'd be battling adult acne. up until now, i have been consistently using eminence organics products for the past few years. i use a combination of them per day, depending on my mood: stone crop gel wash (soap free base also containing shea butter) strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant (also contain lactic acids, chickpea flour, rice