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  1. I am no way a chocoholic, but I do like it occasionally but I will no way have any milk chocolate or regular chocolate from most places. I have seen the site called the raw chocolate company and I have read before that raw chocolate can be beneficial. I just want to check that the ingredients of the bars I want to buy are safe before I order... Organic fair trade raw chocolate pitch dark 72%: Ingredients: organic fair trade cacao mass, organic coconut palm sugar, organic fairtrade cacao
  2. I am new here and made my account because I really don't know where else to say this! Since I was 14 I have he acne on my chin, I am now 20. Within the past year I would definitely say its got better. I used to have constant tiny spots which whee just there. Didn't grow or shrink or anything. Now I don't get these and my breakouts are less frequent so I am hoping that it's finally starting to get better. Id never say my skin has ever been severe, but moderate. It has totally ruined my teenage