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  1. Ya I just cut eggs out yesterday because that basiclly when I came up with the idea linking eggs to this issue so we'll see if anything changes. I was just curious if anyone has heard of such a thing or if a egg allergy can really do this. I am also going to schedule a Dr. appointment and go get a food allergy test done. Thanks for the replys everyone.
  2. Hi I am kind of stumped right now but I have been searching and reading to try to figure out whats going on with me. To start off I weight train 4-5 days a week and started a summer cut diet called Keto/Ketosis (high protein, high fat, no carbs). Well the diet has been going great but all of a sudden I started getting all these bumps all over my chest, abdomen, and shoulders. These bumps are not red just natural skin color but when you extract them a white hard plug comes out. I have never h