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  1. Hi all, I had Jessner + 30% TCA peel done last week. Previously had 3 treatments of Jessner + 20% TCA spaced 4 weeks apart. I am thinking about continuing with 3 more of the higher strength. What other treatments do you think would help? Do you have any suggestions pertaining to lasers? Thanks so much!
  2. I'm unable to take days off work for TCA Cross since it requires more down time than most treatments. I get days off during Chrstimas/NYs so I'm planning on getting it done again then. RF needling is too expensive for me at the moment. I'm new to microneedling and want to go to a professional to be safe. May try dermastamping later after I do more research on it. I've read good reviews of microneedling but I've read many bad ones as of late like people experiencing a loss of cheek fat, sk
  3. Has anyone had Rejuvapen for their acne scars? I have an appointment for this Friday (not with PRP--too expensive) . Many people have good results with microneedling but some do not. I will be getting it done at a doctor's office. I am hopeful but nervous. I don't want my skin to look worse. I had TCA Cross 100% in Dec 2017 and want to continue with scar treatment.
  4. Really appreciate the comments. Sirius Lee - I've been moisturizing everyday and when I had scabs, 2-3x per day. My doctor said that I could use topicals after 2 weeks but I am going to stay off them. Do you think that if I use them in the future, it will reverse some of the healing that has taken place? I also thought tretinoin helped boost collagen. I am seeing my doctor on Friday so I hope to get feedback from him. As for microneedling and glycolic peels, I was definitely not planning o
  5. I had TCA Cross 100% done on 12/22/17 and so it's been a little over a month. Scarring has improved, they are more shallow than before but still there. I was hoping for better results but I understand it can take multiple sessions to see desired results. My doctor said the scabs would take 5-6 days to fall off but mine stayed on for much longer (could've stayed on as long as 12-15 days) but I had to go back to work and removed them on day 8 which I think factored into the results I received. Aft
  6. Thank you for the encouraging words. I am focused on moving forward and not letting the past get the best of me. Wish everyone here the best in their journey.
  7. This post is more for me than anything. I heard it is always good to let things out. I hope by so, something good will come out of it. I have suffered with acne for about 15 years and it has really taken a toll on my life, more than I thought it ever would. It started getting bad in HS and then worse in college. I always put on heavy makeup to cover up my face and of course it made it worse. The horrible thing about makeup was that while it was helping me feel somewhat normal on the outside,
  8. I would stop using that moisturizer that made you break out completely because most moisturizers will cause breakouts especially if it has a white consistency. (which i learned the hard way) I highly recommend Bioelements cleansers - the Decongestant Cleanser and Spotless Cleanser and their Equalizer (it is like a toner but no alcohol so it will hydrate your face without making you break out). You may want to find estheticians who use that line so you can test out the products, just go to a sp
  9. First thing that came to my mind was have you tried changing your shampoo? That may be why you are breaking out on both sides of your face and body. Pureology zero-sulfate is one I would recommend. Also, steer clear of conditioners since that can cause breakouts. Also, either your face wash is not strong enough or it is too strong which is why your skin gets oily so quickly. I know you said you don't want to use topicals and I felt the same way. But once I found the right topical like tret
  10. Background Info I have had moderate acne for over 10 years. I am 28 yr old female with combination skin. I have found success with the following skin care routine after searching long and hard for the right products to use together. I know a lot of people say this and that works for them and I don't want people to run out and buy everything here because it is expensive but I hope that what I use helps in some way and may give you an idea about how you might improve your routine. My first