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  1. Glittle149

    -Ance Scars disappeared after a couple months - -Stings a little Use lemon juice on scars
  2. Glittle149

    -Made my skin look great for a couple days -Smells god aweful -Had the worst break out after a week -Made my acne so much darker and bigger
  3. Glittle149

    -Oil Free -Non irritation -Calms and soothes acne -Moisturizes -Reduces redness and evens skin tone -Witch Hazel -NONE This is my SAVING GRACE! This toner is worth every penny!
    -Clears acne -Doesn't over dry -Gives the clean feeling and smell -Cheap -None Very good on tough acne, when my acne is not as severe. I use Dickinson's pore perfecting toner