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  1. It has been 3 years and 3 months since I took my last Accutane dose. My skin is doing great. I have the occasional zit every few months, but the majority of the time I have completely clear skin. I'm 28 now and got married last year. My husband couldn't believe that I had ever struggled with acne, as he met me post Accutane. As a bride, it was incredible to not worry about what my skin would be doing on my wedding day; and to choose a wedding dress without needing to hide acne on my chest, ba
  2. Thank you! My dose was 30mg once a day for 6 months.
  3. It has been almost nine months since I took my last accutane pill. I have not had a single breakout in nearly a year. My skin is beautiful -- every now an again I will get a single, very small zit that I couldn't care less about. None of the side effects lasted for me. My lips and skin are no longer dry, and (unfortunately) my hair no longer stays clean for days at a time. I did not have any health problems, mental or physical, while on accutane, and I don't have any now. I am a healthy
  4. Hello again, My last day on accutane was December 6, 2012, my course was six months long. I apologize for not keeping up with this blog -- as soon as my skin cleared I stopped obsessively documenting everything and just went about my life. I had a horrendous breakout that started the last week in June and took until the end of August to completely heal. By the middle of August my skin was essentially clear, just some stubborn marks around my chin and mouth persisted. I have not had a n
  5. src

    Month Two

    At the end my first month on accutane I had the worst breakout of my life. I could not believe what I was seeing in the mirror. Accutane will fuck with your face, this stuff is not a joke. I had HUGE pimples all over the left side of my chin. I had pimples all over my right side too, they were just smaller and therefore less offensive. After every shower for over a week, these zits would leak out pus and blood, I have never had zits that were so large or took so long to go down. I suppose
  6. src

    Month One

    I am a 24 year old woman; I have had moderate acne since I was fourteen. My trouble spots are my chin and mouth, my chest, and my back. I have been through all the antibiotics and most prescription topicals. Sulfamethoxazole worked wonders for me for years, but last July it stopped working...I tried two more antibiotics that did nothing, which brought me to the end of the line so to speak. I did my research, and decided to try accutane. I found personal journals helpful, and I decided that I