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  1. I know what it feels like to have clear skin then one day wake up and all of a sudden you got your first zits. Then it keeps getting worse and worse till you just want to hide away in your house all day. I went form having no acne when seeing my dermatologist to having over severe acne in 2months it was a huge shock to me and i just didn't know what i was doing wrong and i still don't know. But what i do know is that i went on accutane and it is working great for me for the first month i broke o
  2. it could just be a drying rash i had one of those before try putting a lot of moisturizer eon it it helped me out but i'd talk to your dermatologist about it to be on the safe side.
  3. Feeling better starting to workout again and hopefully starting to get back into he old Zack

  4. ZacksLostMind

    Day 23

    It's great your skin has turned out good happy for you. Word of advice though don't drink beer or anything with alcohol in it or have anything grease because your skin is prone to break out within the first month and 2 weeks in your next i had the same results as you but i had a nasty breakout once i started drinking beer and what not so keep away from that till your Derm tells you it's okay also your derm will prob keep you on accutane for another month or so just to make sure it's run its cour
  5. ZacksLostMind

    :( X10

    I know have you feel exactly i felt the very same way about my face and about dating girls. and your not the only one who has cried when looking in a mirror it got so bad that i never looked in a mirror but the best advice anyone can give you is honestly dont think about it the hardest thing in the world i know. But what really kills you is if you think in your head what others think of you because knowing me i judge myself poorly like you do so when people are nice i take it as pity and what no
  6. Hey everyone i'm not feeling so down anymore in my last blog don't get me wrong i'm still feeling pretty shitty lol but after reading some of your messages i understand not to feel so down. But just making this blog to say that i'm going to be starting my accutane journey i'm already 2months in i know kinda a bit late but i got 4more months to go so figure i might as well do it plus ill need some advice along the way. Ill prob be posting 1 every week with pictures and talking about side aff
  7. Thanks guys for all the words. I'm glad to know i'm not the only one going through this, What scares me the most is that ill be cured of this acne but be left with tones of scars that won't heal i don't for sure if ill scare but who knows. But i just wanted to say thank you and ill try to be strong i'm going to start posting pictures soon of results every week of me on acctane right now i'm on my second month so its not as bad as it was before but still pretty bad.
  8. Don't listen to your dad hes a fool if he could utter those words to his daughter. Your beautiful with and without acne just think how much of a stronger person your going to be when all this crap is be hide you i wish you all the best and don't take those insults to heart all the best and hopefully your dad will realise the error of his ways and apologize if not who cares there's tones more people out there in the world who love you for who are. stay strong
  9. I might as well start at the beginning when i lived out in England i had not bad acne at all well so people said but i don't know just seeing red spots on my face i dint like so i thought i was ugly and never really felt i could love myself or go out and do fun things even though i had like maybe 5 zits but then when i moved to Canada it started to get bad i moved form a normal acne person to mild acne to severe acne once i got severe she put me on acctane instead of having me on some cream i fo
  10. Trust me Your acne is not bad at all tbh go see a dermatologist they'll put you on the right medication to take away your acne and you prob won't have to worry about it for a long time see me i have bad acne and have gone through a lot of medication and trust me you got nothing close to bad acne that should clear right up in 3weeks at most
  11. I don't know what i should do anymore

  12. ZacksLostMind

    SAM 1671

    Your face looks great honestly u don't need any peels or nothing, that all should heal on its own.If not fish oil pills will take care of it in like 2weeks to 3weeks. You look great fingers crossed mine will look close to yours after i'm done my acctane.