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  1. hey so after trying pretty much everything for my skin i have been on roaccutane for 2 weeks.

    no initial break out and my skin is clearing up amazingly

    i had been using retin a gel for a while before so this may have prevented an initial break out as retin a would have been bringing out cysts and spots anyway so my skin has just been improving

    still had 2 small spots in last 2 weeks but these have gone within 24 hours

    i am on 30mg daily, am 28 years old and had persistent acne for 10 years

    now my skin can finally start to heal, i do have dry lips and just use a cheap oil of olay moisturiser for my face which is great with spf 15 in

    wish i had tried roaccutane years ago, just have the red pigmentation to deal with now.

    anyway things may change but for now all is great, maybe anyone waiting to get accutane should think about using retin a while waiting. it will dry skin and may make it a bit red and could cause an inital breakout but at least thats out of the way sooner, i however didnt ever get a breakout with retin a but skin was dry while i got used to it