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  1. Oneworld
    I got acne at around 18 years old and i am 28 now.
    Just started out on accutane 30mg 3 days ago

    Loestrin 20
    Dalacin T
    Retin-A Gel 0.025
    Azaleic acid

    It has been moderate acne, blackheads forever, with some cysts around jaw and chin. There have been really good months, when i may only have got 3 cysts and a few small pimples that clear up quickly. Then i can thnk somehow things are clearing up. However, then out of nowhere i will have a huge breakout causing major scarring. The most recent breakout last month has been one of the worst ever.

    Although some of these medications worked with some effect it was never long term.
    With anti-biotics after a short while they would stop working and acne would return. With the contraceptive pill i always get side effects, so i didnt stay on dianette long enough to see if it would work. Anyway the doctor told me dianette is for a maximum 12 months usually, so it seemed even if it worked, after 12 months and stopping it. Chances are acne would return!
    Retin A gel worked well, but made my skin very red so it looked like a huge red mass of scarring anyway around my chin.

    After seeing 3 different GPs with varying degrees of sympathy, one agreed it is time to see a dermatologist. Not wanting to wait 3 months for an NHS appointment i decided to pay private. I saw the dermatologist and she agreed due to my ongoing persistent moderate inflammatory and cystic acne causing scarring, it is time to try accutane. I don't want to take these harsh medications, but enough is enough. I have tried everything. I eat healthy, i am vegetarian, lots of fruit and vegetables, no processed food, no dairy as i am lactose intolerant and dairy causes more breakouts, i drink loads of water, hardly any alcohol, plenty of sleep, all natural cleansers and toners etc and have tried vitamins and teas and supplements but have never completely shifted the acne. It is always there even if just a few cysts and blackheads, and the scars never quite get a chance to fade before more cysts pop up.

    I am on day 3 30mg roaccutane, so far so good. No new cysts or other spots, and no side effects yet.

    I am just looking for a long term solution. Not a 12 month pill, or a life time of antibiotics, please please roaccutane

    Anyone else seen great long term results or just starting out?