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  1. hey i am on day 14 now as i was using retin a over the last year this could be the reason ive had no breakout yet skin great and scars starting to heal, no new cysts, 2 pimples that cleared within a day dry lips and itchy head though, how are youx
  2. i use oil of olay Essentials Beauty Fluid for Sensitive Skin has spf 15 too and costs under £5 really moisturising and doesnt break me out and makeup goes on great afterwards i am day 14 roaccutane and all going great, was on retin a for a year before and didnt get an initial breakout with roaccutane...yet anyway
  3. hey so after trying pretty much everything for my skin i have been on roaccutane for 2 weeks. no initial break out and my skin is clearing up amazingly i had been using retin a gel for a while before so this may have prevented an initial break out as retin a would have been bringing out cysts and spots anyway so my skin has just been improving still had 2 small spots in last 2 weeks but these have gone within 24 hours i am on 30mg daily, am 28 years old and had persistent acne for 10
  4. I got acne at around 18 years old and i am 28 now. Just started out on accutane 30mg 3 days ago Yasmin Cerazette Doxyclycine Loestrin 20 Dalacin T Marvelon Lymecycline Erythromycin Adapalene Duac Retin-A Gel 0.025 Dianette Azaleic acid It has been moderate acne, blackheads forever, with some cysts around jaw and chin. There have been really good months, when i may only have got 3 cysts and a few small pimples that clear up quickly. Then i can thnk somehow things are clearing u