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  1. I've been going back to my old obsessive ways about my skin not being perfect. Ive been on break from school for about a month and a half. So ready to go back and get off this whole skin topic. I start next Monday. I'm so glad. I hate having so much free time that I think about my skin way too much.
  2. Exfoliate and don't pick at it. Will only make it worse. But don't worry they always go away. Day after day it'll get smaller.
  3. Try murad oil control mattifier with spf15
  4. Wow! Is that bitch serious? I would have been pissed. Sorry for my language. I'm just astonished. Smh
  5. dude come on? be happy! after everything that's been happening lately, just be happy to be alive....
  6. <p> Don't overthink it! They are totally flirting with you! Don't doubt it, enjoy it!
  7. this cyst on my forehead is so annoying. Luckily its already at its peak so by tomorrow I hope it starts to heal. I look like a unicorn. lol I have a party to go to on Saturday and im pretty sure by that day it should have gone down. so tomorrow im wearing a beanie to cover this darn thang. lol
  8. NO MAKE UP ALL DAY! LOL It's the best feeling to wake up to a fresh face that doesn't need anything on it. It makes life incredible simple. I love it.
  9. a cyst has formed on my forehead, haven't gotten one of those in a while. rest of my face is clear so I cant complain. it still sucks tho! its on the top of my forehead guess I will be wearing my hair down this week. lol its Monday so it should be gone by im hoping Friday. im going to a party on Saturday but it'll be dark so it wont be noticeable at all.
  10. you might be using too much bp if your that dry. Try using maybe once a day. it will help with the dryness. I also used that much twice a day and my skin was extremely dry. Just a tip. I now use it once a day and my skin feels nice, I get a little dry but nothing to horrible.
  11. Try St. Ives Apricot scrub. I use it and it helps a lot.
  12. Apply some aloe vera gel on the scars also make sure to exfoliate often. so they will diminish in appearance. They are not bad at all. Just make sure not to pick at your pimples at all.
  13. Honestly, you need to stop picking, cause if you keep picking, you will continue to scar your skin. So next time, let the pimple heal on its own so your not in such a risk of scarring your beautiful skin girl. Just let it heal and try not messing with it too much. Let nature take its course. best of luck!
  14. so im getting a pimple on my chin, totally sucks! but I guess I gotta be grateful for the fact that the rest of my face is clear. I just hate getting pimples. ugh. lol
  15. <p> <br /> <br /> Same here. A year ago a guy I really liked asked me out and I said no because my skin was horrible and I felt ugly and disgusting and not worthy of him. Ever since I&#39;ve regretted it, and I&#39;m tortured by it. And because I&#39;m so extremely awkward I haven&#39;t been able to mend things.<br />
  16. I swear guys think us girls notice every single detail of a their skin. If a guy is cute, he's cute. Regardless of his scars. We like him for him, not his appearance.
  17. Try st.ives apricot scrub. I used it everyday and it keeps my pores clean and clear. Im 99.9% clear with that.
  18. gosh what a day! so I basically almost got into a fight today! ugh! Drama always seems to find me for some odd reason. lol but I basically just cussed her ass out and went on my mary way. lol I hate drama! Especially drama for no reason. so im hoping I don't get a pimple over this stupid situation. so im trying to relax not over think everything. But overall trying to stay positive and be happy! I have control over my life and my attitude, I will not let anyone mess it up.
  19. I'm currently still on BP, but I heard that you cant stop cold turkey, you have to gradually get off of it. Like use it once a day or once every other day. I'm not sure what you did but it might have something to do with that. Check it out. And I'm sure it will go away eventually, especially since you were using it for 6 months. My response probably isn't much help but I just wanted to chime in.
  20. Welcome back! Congrats on your wedding! Hope everything turns out well!
  21. Skin is pretty clear have a couple of little bumps nothing big. picked at a little bump hoping it doesn't get too big. I'm just happy that my skin is clear overall, I remember the times I didn't/couldn't even look in the mirror. I would want to cry. feels nice to look in the mirror now and see how beautiful I actually am. regardless of a little scar or two. I'm kind of hating myself for picking at that little bump, don't want to get in the habit of picking my face again. that's no good.
  22. <p> <br /> <br /> </p> Have your tried aloe vera? its great for your skin. I used it.