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  1. This is my final 6 months post-Accutane update. I've been 99% acne free, with only minor, small spots appearing around that time of the month or after I've been eating a lot of sugar. Some of the oil has returned to my face, but not loads, and it doesn't seem to have made a huge difference. Fingers crossed for the future! All my side-effects have gone. I can now wash my hair with normal shampoo again! I am still having problems with my eyes, but I've also been diagnosed with hayfever, so it's
  2. Glad things are going better. I had some really bad headaches at one point, and during week 2-3 my face was incredibly itchy and sensitive. But these side effects disappeared as my body got used to the medication. It's now 6 months since I finished Accutane and I have no remaining side-effects. I hope your course goes well!
  3. Thank you for this really informative blog Cleopatra - I will be following with interest and wish you all the best with your scar revision journey. My scars are very very similar to yours, except they're localised to my cheek area. I'm also hoping to have subcision, but finding a dermatologist who does it here in the UK is difficult. Also, what kind of microneedling did you have - a stamp or a roller?
  4. Hi Jacob. Hope your skin is continuing to improve. Would you be able to tell us which doctor your saw in the UK for your laser treatments?
  5. I didn't see any improvement in my skin until the end of month three, and during the first two months it was definitely worse. But in month four my skin cleared up so well! And it stayed clear. I'm now four months post-accutane and so far so good. So hang in there - your acne might be stubborn but it should clear eventually!
  6. Glad to see it's going well - you're skin is looking great. The red marks take time to fade, but fade they will.
  7. Just so you know, most people don't see results straight away in the first month, so you're not alone. I was still breaking out in month three! I finally cleared up at the beginning of month four. Since then I've had no acne, and I'm now four and a half months post-accutane. So I know the whole 'being patient' thing sucks, but you do just need to give it time. My skin was also super sensitive and in the first month is was so itchy, even though it was even more oily than before! Just keep apply
  8. I also experienced my worst side-effects at the week two point, so right near the beginning of my course. However, considering the severity of your reaction and how soon it has kicked in I would go and see your doctor. You say that you've consulted your derm and they say these are concerning issues - have they recommended that you stop the course? For many people Accutane is a completely safe medication. But some people have a bad reaction to it and its very important to listen to your body.
  9. My nurse insisted on one full month without acne before I could finish the course. I cleared up during month four so this worked out rather well. DW75 - this is great news! So glad you're getting back into your running and your skin looks fab! I actually think my acne scars have had a worse effect on my confidence than my acne, but I do feel more comfortable in my skin these days. I'm not constantly worried that something touching my skin will break me out.
  10. It's now four and a half months since I finished Roaccutane. I still continue to be acne-free! Considering that before Accutane I hadn't had a spot-free day in twelve years I can honestly say it is so liberating to be rid of it. I am prepared for the possibility that it might come back a little, but so far so good. My hairloss has resolved itself and is now back to normal. My scalp is also doing so much better, and I'm hoping that soon I won't have to use my leave-in scalp moisturiser (Eucerin
  11. Hi Scarman. Not yet, I will officially have been off Roaccutane for 6 months at the end of June, so I was thinking of getting back in contact with them then. I've done some browsing online and found some really good reviews on the doctor they recommended. He does all sorts of procedures, including subcision and fillers, which is what I'm thinking of going for. I'm still umming and arring over CO2 laser. Have you been doing the dermarolling yourself? I think it does help, but it can't necessari
  12. So it's now over three months since I finished my Roaccutane course and I have a few updates: First of all, I've now been signed out of the dermatology clinic. The nurse gave me her email if I need to contact her and she's going to ring to check in on me in a couple of months time regarding my hair loss. The good news is that my hair loss has definitely lessened in the last three weeks - so fingers crossed it's going back to normal. Saying that, I've been losing hair for over three months and
  13. I used it a fair bit. It obviously doesn't help cysts, but it helps with pustules. Let me know if you have any questions about dry eyes.
  14. Thanks for the update! What maintenance care did you do around your subcision procedures? Did you ever combine it with needling?
  15. Hey jPablo! I had a quick suggestion for you - if you have a spot and you're really tempted to pick it, stick some sudocrem on it. It will help soothe the spot and soften the skin, and it will stop you touching it. That's what I did. Sometimes, if the spot is on the surface of the skin anyway it will actually draw out the pus and gunk without any picking needed. In terms of eye dryness - have a read of my thread - Roaccutane on the NHS. I also suffered from dry eyes and there should be some i