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  1. Thanks and I will! actually I didn't really get much breakouts. I guess i am lucky?
  2. Today I am entering the 9th day of regimen. Surprisingly I didn't really have breakouts?! I did have two pimples appearing red two days ago but it was because I picked on them the night before. I guess it is a good thing? My face is flat now. Basically no more bumps but i wonder if there are hidden acne still (like the ones you don't see on the surface but you know it's there when you touch your skin). My face is still a bit itchy and dry. I started using more treatment after the first wee
  3. Today is my 7th day of the regimen. Sorry guys I broke my camera so I can't really upload photo at the moment. All the little bums are gone but the big ones are still on my face. I tried to use AHA at night as moisturizer after the treatment. I also put additional moisturizer whenver I feel that my face is tight. My dry patches are better now but still quite dry. I am going to start puting more BP from tonight and I wonder how that will go I have been puting a lot of zinc oxide sun block eve
  4. sorry but I don't really understand - you have dry skin and AHA helps moisturize your skin better than the moisturizer? isn't it a chemical exfoliate?
  5. tingoting

    Day 4

    I apologize with the inconsistent lighting... I broke the camera I was using for the "before" photo and I am out of natural light today. Will try to catch natural light next time
  6. Oh maybe I should look into my local vitamin store and see if they have jojoba oil! I am too lazy to order jojoba oil again cause I had to drive to states to pick it up the last time! (I live in Canada). I am on day 4 and I haven't dared to touch AHA yet. My skin around my mouth is quite tight and you can see dry patches on my chin. When I smile, you can see how dry my face is (which is crazy cause I have never seen these dry/wrinkle lines on my face before). Since I know that putting two pumps
  7. What's the reason for not putting jojoba oil on acne prone skin? From what I know, jojoba oil cleans clogged pores and helps restore the skin’s natural pH balance, so it’s a safe, natural, and effective treatment for acne. The moisturizer from the regimen also has jojoba oil and so far I am feeling awesome on day 4.
  8. I totally regret not ordering the jojoba oil! I would suggest you to do so! I have super oily skin and i thought i won't need it. This morning I used two full pumps of the moisturizer. I waited for 30 mins and my face is still super shiny! I think my skin can't absorb so much at once... but now it is 3:30pm and I feel that the skin around my mouth is getting quite dry. Tomorrow I may try to bring some of the moisturizer with me to work so that I can put some moisturizer in the afternoon. I am
  9. BB stands for Blemish Balm. I believe it was invented in Germany for people who just had work done to their face (such as laser, etc.). There are many different types out there - some are more watery and some are more gel like. It got very popular in Korea and eventually got very popular in Asia. It is now getting popular in North America. I believe Maybelline and some drug store brands have it too now. What I am using are the Korean brand ones. I don't think it breaks me out but I can't speak f
  10. tingoting

    Before Regimen

    My face before regimen
  11. Hi, I also have oily and acne prone skin. I have been using the L'oreal Stuido Secrets primer and it's been working well. I have used a few other ones (about 5) and so far this is my favorite one. I haven't tried anything that's high end and focused mostly on drugstore products. It is about $11 from target (http://www.target.com/p/l-oreal-studio-secrets-face-primer/-/A-11658222). It keeps my face matte to certain degree and my foundation doesn't melt down like crazy. I dont' know if there's any
  12. I just bought one that's for sensitive skin (with zinc oxide and titianium dioxide as well). not sure how mine is differnt from yours and i can't find mine online... I got it from the drug store. So far it seems ok - not too oily (but still a bit... just like the rest of the sunscreens). The only con is that it's very white as you can expect from zinc oxide.. I think I put too much on my face cause I put a quarter size amount and my face is super white. It's a bit hard to blend. I have only used
  13. Today is my third day of the regimen. I can feel that my skin is quite dry.. I put on half a finger length of the treatment on my face and my neck. I feel that I don't need to wait for 10 mins before I put on the treatment but put it on right after I get out of shower. The treatment is sucked my by my skin right away and I hardly have time to smooth it out! I am using a lot of moisturizer and sunblock. I mixed 1.5 pump of moisturizer plus 1 pump worth of zinc oxide sunblock. My goodness perha
  14. I just received my regimen package on the weekend (June 23) and started using it at night! I was so excited! The first day (June 24) was great and I felt that my skin got cleared. I can feel that the bumps on my forehead are smaller! These phoo are what my skin is like before the regimen. Some background on my skin: I am 29 years old and I have suffered from acne since I was 11! It is more related to my sensitive skin than anything else. My oily skin doesn't help either. If I go to a store th
  15. Hi Everyone! I am excited to start my regiment next week as I am about to receive my package. Dan said that zinc oxide as sun screen is good. Sunscreens are typically oily and thick and it worries me. I am wondering if I can just buy zinc oxide and just add it to the regiment moisturizer? Thank you!!