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  1. So, I was on 100mg of doxy per day for about a year...it worked great after about 2 months and I didn't get a single pimple for about 4 months. Now I weaned myself off doxy since it slowly stopped working and I've been off it for about 2 months now. The acne has come back even worse, but it wasn't all at once. Seeing a doctor tomorrow but I'm hesitant to put anything chemical on my face like Retin-A, or take more antibiotics. Seeing as it only made it worse. However I'm not using any med
  2. I started using ACV diluted 50:50 in water about a week ago. I've had little skin colored bumps on my chin that aren't really that noticable for as long as I can remember. Also a few unnoticable blackheads by my mouth. I've noticed since starting ACV some of the bumps have been becoming inflamed and turning into whiteheads. But then again there are a few unexplained pimples as well, in places there were no bumps before. Is this an initial breakout or what? I only use ACV at night and leave it
  3. When I wear full makeup (which doesn't seem to change my breakouts for better or worse), the redness is covered up but then my pimples seem more obvious as bumps! Which is hardly better. How can I cover the redness and bumps up better? I've noticed that sometimes when I only put dabs of foundation over just bumps/spots, they look less bumpy. Does anyone ever just put concealer over pimples and then go out? I feel like it looks fine in my mirror but it's not natural lighting so I'm not sure w
  4. I heard great things about ACV as a toner. The stuff we have in our house is just plain safeway brand. It doesn't say organic or anything and I'm a little iffy to try it out on my skin. It says on the ingredients that it's diluted with water to 5% acidity, so does that mean if I do use it, I wouldn't need to dilute it anymore? If this brand doesnt work, where should I look to get another better brand? Also, when used as a toner, should I still moisturize after? Thanks!
  5. So like an ACV from target probably wouldn't be beneficial? I haven't checked to see if there's anything at the bottom. Where can I buy this "mother" type of ACV you're talking about?
  6. My doctor prescribed me doxycycline and I took them for about a year. However he didn't tell me anything about taking probiotics or anything I did eat yogurt and whatnot while on antibiotics but it wasn't always super regular. Only when I was at the end of taking doxycycline did I realize the importance of taking probiotics. So what are some ways I can get my insides back in order? It's been about a month but I have a feeling my digestion isn't really at its best. I heard apple cider vineg
  7. So being very pale on my chest...every blemish is pretty noticeable. And the worst part is I'm going to be a bridesmaid (strapless dresses) in august, so I can't cover up with t-shirts anymore. I believe it's a breakout caused by going off of doxycycline two months ago...it's been getting worse since then but not dramatically. I need some advice about how I can stop these nasty things from coming and make the old marks fade! They're deep red bumps that I could feel coming...but there's only
  8. I actually just started using it again about 4 days ago Caitlyn, I used to use it throughout high school and I didn't really notice a difference from when I didn't use it for a couple of days. In fact it felt like I was breaking out more when I didn't use it lol. I stopped using it about 6 months ago when my face cleared up from antibiotics. I'll let you know soon though if I start breaking out. I'm breaking out a little more right now but I'm pretty sure it's not from revlon colorstay but rath
  9. This may be long but bear with me here: So, I was one of those kids who hardly ever got a zit. I don't think I had my first zit until high school. I'd get the occasional zit once in a blue moon. And this was in spite of constantly eating fast food, not washing my makeup off eigth grade & freshman year(I was stupid and didn't realize this was important even without skin problems), hardly getting exercise, and drinking alcohol on weekends. This was when I lived in an area where there was no
  10. I just tried using Neutrogena Oil-Free Rapid Clear Foaming Cleanser tonight. I noticed I could still see some of my foundation left over after I got out of the shower. I cleansed gently for about 30 seconds because my makeup was heavier tonight than usual. When I got out I had to wash again because I could kind of "see" the tint of my makeup still there. I was a little thrown off because one of its qualities says "easily removes makeup". I've always had a bit of a problem removing my liquid mak
  11. I've had pretty oily skin lately the last couple of years (I'm 18) I just started using Purpose Gentle Cleanser because I started getting more frequent and worse breakouts from stopping antibiotics. Purpose seemingly cleared everything up after a few days, but I noticed now that I'm also noticibly more oily. i used Aveeno Natural Essentials scrub before for almost a year, so it wasn't anything that restricted oil or whatnot. I've never been so oily before, but yet it's not bad enough to the po