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  1. What kind of cleanser do you use?
  2. Does it really?? I had no idea Cetaphil contains cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol. These are both fatty alcohols, not the drying alcohol we're told to avoid.
  3. Yeah. The topical should still be effective. Moisturizer will act as a gentle buffer between the medication and your skin. When I first started topicals for acne my derm recommended I apply them over moisturizer first, because I have ezcema, then work my way up to applying them under the moisturizer. She also said applying the product over a moisturizer would help it spread better on drier skin.
  4. My derm prescribed me Doxycycline as a cheaper alternative to Solydyn. For me it worked just as well, although you have to take two pills daily instead of one.
  5. SafroniaB

    5 Months with Ziana & Solydyn

    I was prescribed Ziana, Solydyn, and Finacea.