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  1. well i be dealing with bad acne for along time and im not advertising or anything i would like to know does any heard or tryed dermagist thats the website name i would like to know it said to be featuered on tv commercial and bye the pictures the results are amazing can someone tell me if its a scam or not dont want to waist my money buying thanks
  2. well i have horible back shoulder chest and a little bit of stomach and horrible face acne and im stuck on what to try any held im thinking either Acne Bootcamp which is acne practice or dans regimen and im goin buy wheat grass powder and take probiotics and fiber and zinc with vitamin D and a liver cleanse trying to fight it from the inside and out what does you guys think thanks
  3. im loooking for a good cleanser and something to help alot with darks marks/acne marks like a good toner from a store thanks
  4. its funny how you get so many views yet no1 will help or post smh
  5. what are good fruits and vegtables to help with acne and while on a diet what are good fish and meat to eat thanks
  6. i have sever acne i got acne on my face throat and neck im looking for a good cleanser toner and a good mostiurizer also i have very bad bad back acne and on my shoulder's and chest is pretty bad to tell whats something good that works thanks
  7. does this help with acne marks got acne redmarks and fadded acne marks???
  8. can this be the cause of acne iknow i have it would it help alot if i got rid of it and how do i get rid of it
  9. so im gonna try a new regimen im gonna use GR8 dophillous which is a PROBIOTIC and Fiber 3,Zinc,Vitamin D,Health colon cleanse,now liver detoxifier & regenerator for face wash im gonna use Cetaphil gentle cleansing Antibaterial Bar and Rapid clear Neutrogena 2 in 1 Fight and fade toner and im gonna cut out on all dairy besides plain yogurt ounce and awhile thanks i havent started it yet but i plain to within a week ounce i get all the stuff the reason why im posting it on here am
  10. well i have severe acne and alot of red marks/fadded marks and i been reading alot on PROBIOTICS and Fiber has any had good success on that im 16 a male here a pic of what my acne looks like its on both side of my cheeks other side worse and fadded/red marks on my next please help me thanks
  11. Well i have acne red marks i think and acne and i was wondering what i should do that would work has any1 used Carley's Clear and Smooth Kick Ass Industrial Strength for Teen This is what i have on both sides and faded marks on my forehead i have about 3 of them that are sunkin in prettybad on my chicks but can someone please help me should i go to a dermatalogist or what to use thanks please help oh and im 16 thanks