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  1. Its discouraging, and makes it feel as though having an account is kind of meaningless than.
  2. Never comment on stuff... Haha, how does a picture or post have hundreds of views and only 3 comments... We are here to support each other guys... Input is super nice...
  3. Thank You! :) I just want the redness down sooo much! Accutane sucked I'm glad its overr!
  4. JohnnyReb


    Why not try antibiotics and maybe like a tazorac gel?
  5. Ive never had scars injected, but I've had cysts done..they were raised and puffy for about 24hrs then they went down dramatically.
  6. JohnnyReb


    Hes my hero And thank you so much!
  7. So, your thinking about going on Accutane and are weighing the risks and rewards... Well I'm not a doctor, Just a guy coming to the end of his accutane journey. Heres some backround info... Ive suffered ( yes...suffered) from mild to sever acne since 7th grade. Im a college sophmore now.. Almost 5 months ago I made the decision to start accutane, do to other topicals, antibiotics, etc not working. Has it been easy? No. Not at all. Whatsoever. Its been hell at times. An emotional/Physical Rol
  8. JohnnyReb


    Thank You 5 months, at 80mg a day. Are you on it?
  9. After a grueling 5 months of 70mg accutane a day, since I weight 155lbs, I'm nearing my end. Its been super tough,and I never thought I would get through it. While yes, i don't really have acne anymore, I'm STILL RED!!! haha And it's killing me. (plus the scarring..) I used to be a golden-gloves boxer, and a firefighter but yet acne is still harder to overcome than those two. I Don't really have a pic of what I looked like before or during, as Taking a picture of that would be cruel and unus
  10. JohnnyReb


    Sorry For the lighting...My webcam is not the best.. My neck is totally clear now. Still red...
  11. JohnnyReb


    Sorry For the lighting...My webcam is not the best.. The redness on the sides kills me..and the scarring is tough too.
  12. Sorry For the lighting...My webcam is not the best..
  13. Sorry For the lighting...My webcam is not the best..
  14. Sorry For the lighting...My webcam is not the best.. That last active spot next to my nose is gone..still red though