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  1. I aswell would not say 25 is mild jeeze 12.5 nearly burnt my face off it depends on a number of factors how long its left to frost did they layer it etc. Keep at the peels mate they do do wonders and will clear your red marks in time it also softened out a hell of a lot of my scars and got rid of a few minor ones regardless of what other people say it has worked fantastic for me! dont lose faith keep it up!
  2. I know its a foundation formulated for acne prone skin but Clinique anti-blemish soloutions neutral is very good for acne prone skin it really does not dry out the skin and i have very dry skin most of the time. It a little bit like a primer it glides on so easy and most of all looks natural!
  3. You are very knowledgable and I am really thankful that you are sharing information with me. I will contact next week David Rahimi (DRaGZ and TokyoGirl seems to be really happy with the results and I could just find one bad review about him about botox so it is a good sign) and will research more Dr.Patel, I will keep this topic updated with pictures and results once I start my treatment. If anyone else have any input please share it. Thatusernameisalreadytaken, if you dont have anything to co
  4. Your cheek is fine! There is no scarring i see no pits.... Stop obsessing of nothing most would kill for skin to be like urs take a look at others with severe scarring on these boards and it might just give you a reality check! Not saying this to be cruel but you are putting ur life On hold and possibly money being chucked away over NOTHING!!!!!!!
  5. Bump; id like to know that also ; do scars strech or " flatten " wider and turn into like a shallow boxcar when collegen is building and the indentation is gradually filling in befor its finished its healing process? Anyone throw any light on this....
  6. Whatever happened to freedom of speech...it is childish yes i also would not get offended if someone was to not point out i was not hot on my photos jeez! . She is a very gorgeous girl so what. Jealousy comes across in your post very much so! Your creating something out of nothing.
  7. Hey i know... Im gonna start a thread, ask for help, then never check back or reply.........
  8. You do seem to have indented scarring actually, i can see it if i really focus on it however the redness is not making it very apparent in the pictures, mine was exactly the same. Only time will tell if they are deep or not once you rid the redness.
  9. its not always easy for some to see a derm, if ur in the uk like me it can be very hard, you could be waiting for months and thats only if your doctor deemed it to be to his standard of severe. It seems in america derms are easier to get ?
  10. wheres ur pictures at then rob ? Care to share? She does have scarring minimal but still scarring and it clearly bothers her, its her thread and at least she had the balls to post photos.
  11. Very similar to mine, il be following this post and ur progress on what you eventually decide to try and treat them with! Good luck
  12. You really should avoid the sun if you can help it, obviously you will need to go out at somepoint so wacking some suncream on would be fine... In moderation. I had this problem only last year using bp it prolonged the redness and made me sore even though i had sun protection on and avoided it like the plague at the suns hottest around 2pm in turn i strongly belive it also made my skin so sensitive i scarred very easily from using it...just be careful if ur spending that amount of time in the su
  13. I don't think ur scars are to bad really, like lzomg said its the pigmentation that makes it look worse than it actually is, I did a few light peels on my skin that speeded up the process of removing the redness whilst evening out my tone slightly maybe you could give that a shot.. Once the redness fades a bit you really would have to study your skin close up to know you have a few indentations.