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  1. Hey.I read ur post. Your skin didn't seem serious as mine. My both cheeks were covered with zillion bumps and my skin was thick n swollen n also red. Like tomato red. I think your problem will go away .. if it doesn't go away then go see a derm.
  2. This year is the worst. At the beginning of the year my acne wasnt that serious yet i complained alot. now i regret complaining. A few months later i got sunburnt. my cheeks were red. worse yet, i was having my exams. Thankfully, it lasted for 3 days. Everything was back to normal. Just 2 months ago, my skin start breaking out. I was at my breaking point. I stayed at home not wanting to go out. I tried using diffrerent stuff on my face. And that is how i got my allergies. My face was worse than
  3. i went to the derm... she said i had allergies.. i realized that it is wayyyy worst than acne... its itchy n really red n it covers my whole cheek n make my cheeks swollen. to conclude, acne is nt the worst problem... there are many problems out there that is more worst... im recovering now.
  4. Woke up yesterday morning n found rashes on my lower cheeks... its really itchy n red n bumpy. my determination to recover jst died... im not sure if it pimples or allergies...
  5. thank you for the suggestion but i dont think they sell it in my country, But i'll look for moisturizer that is for sensitive skin
  6. thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes it hurts when you hear from your own dad =/ But i'll get over it soon
  7. My dad called me ugly last night. So i was crying the whole night. Woke up early the nxt morning ..breath in the fresh air. felt so alive again. so i thot "screw it! im done looking at mirror 24/7" So im gonna try stop being depressed abt my red cheeks and let it recover n let those strangers stare n tell off anyone who ask me abt my cheeks. Im gonna stop living lyk a depressed bitch and gotta hav the attitude to stand up bcoz im human n i deserved to be treated lyk one!!!! Im so angry ryt nw
  8. Hey there again.. i also thot of killin myself but then u live only once n i do nt wanna die lyk that. i was thinkin that even if i d kill myself, wud there b much ppl goin to my funeral..? wud they cry for me? im nt sua, but my parents told me there r ppl who r handicapped frm the moment they were born n yet they havnt given up life and still goes out to see the world. Hav u heard of the werewolf girl "http://todayhealth.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/02/23/9640657-happy-werewolf-girl-says-she
  9. Sure. ill try goin to the derm. thx!
  10. my first blog My acne started last year. It begin with a few acne papules and it faded away. But it left red acne marks. Right now i got bright red cheeks which is so obvious and people stares at my face where ever i go making me feel uncomfortable. Currently im not using any facial cleanser or moisturizer. I wash my face with plain water and put aloe vera overnight. Im not sure if it is improving my skin. I have also been avoiding junk food, soda drinks, fried stuff and diary. i feel so helpl
  11. i had 4 in 1 too. i pinched it n it left a red mark...
  12. hey. my face is lyk urs. but mine is redder and its worse. Im currently using aloe vera and nth else. no facial wash or moistersizer,
  13. i got the similar acne as yours >< but mine seems redder I had papules acne b4 but nw i got whiteheads around the cheeks n i usually pinch it so it leaves red marks. i didnt pinch some yet it still leaves red marks.
  14. facial massage... will it make my face worse??

  15. but im chinese.. its lyk my duty to eat rice everyday
  16. hi. im from fiji and i got really red acne marks...jst nw a fijian lady massage my face with sum kind of herbal leaves. and im pretty scared that it myt get redder. any thoughts?