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  1. Might just be to you but they haven't gone away and I don't think you understand how bad they are. They are very noticeable and bring my confidence down especially considering even makeup won't cover them up
  2. I have a lot on my chin but they are not indents just red marks but very noticeable. Also, I have some around the nose area. I had large spots in my pores they have now gone but left red painless bumps. Anyone know what could help? I can't afford really expensive treatments
  3. I have such mad oily skin and NOTHING seems to work at all. Seriously get extremely oil about one hour into the day:(
  4. Oh I think you just applied to much! I use it everyday and sometimes I do it on purpose to be white then apply my foundation so its like a mask but your only supposed to do a thin layer. Get a cotton wool ball and apply some lightly in the oily areas and wait for it to dry and it should be fine. Also you could apply it at night as a mask if you like:)