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  1. hey!! i am back!!!! finished my 5 month accutane!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy, cuz i dont need to take pills everyday! BUT!!!!!!! damn, i have red mark!!! i mean, when i was on Accutane, it was so nice.. not too much red mark, but, a week ago... my face was so dry.. i did put lotion on and made it nice, right now, my face is no longer as dry as before(i put more lotion on), BUT red mark is killing me..... seeing my derm next thurs!!!!!! upset!
  2. appointment tomorrow afternoon, end of third month.. seriously, skin was very nice in the past two weeks, but hell, since this week, it's gotten a little worse, i mean, redness... ill ask my derm!!!! 21st, Month 4!
  3. hey pam!!!! good to know your doing great!!!!!! iam on my 3and half months!!!!! so far so good!!!!!!!!
  4. do you have any red marks? Naw not really. There's a few spots of slight hyperpigmentation from old cysts, but my skin is pretty good about not being too bad with red marks. I've also never had a cyst or pimple leave a permanent scar either which I am very thankful for awwwww my skin is now 75% smooth.. but have red marks............................................
  5. i have more side effects now!!!!!! before : dry lips, easy to take care / mild dry nose / some dry spots / now : dry lips but still easy to take care and hope it stays this way / dry nose / dry face / keep breaking out here and there / red marks / hair seems to be drying out. its been 9 weeks (55ish day), since my first pill before i was so happy with accutane, cuz i might be the lucky one who wouldnt have wild side effect, but i prove myself wrong. sigh. i dont think i would have a massive
  6. its the first week of third month, skin seems worse again!!!!!!!!!!!! keep breaking out below my chin, and some small spots on checks, drier than before i would say. ugh............ tough!
  7. HOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my face is drying out!!!!! damn, never have this before, i thought its been 2months, would not have dry face, but now i am wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! 3rd month has just begun, damn, please dont dry my face out!
  8. she was impressived by my improvment, but... agh, my face seems getting a little dry,.... hope it wont flake
  9. thanks!!! back from derm today! she did it. 2nd month, DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so far so good.
  10. hey first of all, keep being positive!!!!!!! i know it could be moody for the first few weeks, cuz your skin will look like worsen then never had it before, but after 3weeks - 4 weeks, you will notice the improvement!! so stay positive! good luck!!! we are all here for ya! need help? just post!!!!
  11. ugh! skin looks worse now!!! was nice last couple weeks, now seems worse again? red marks? also dry spots really piss me off!!!! never though i would get them like hell.
  12. i have 10ish dry spots on my body damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2weeks to see my derm, will ask her whats going on.... scar on my body ....sigh
  13. DRY SPOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATE!
  14. hi all! just finish my 2nd pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so far have taken 60 pills!!!!!! 40mg/one
  15. Hey! I am so sorry tO hear u still breaking out!! Awwwww Mine is getting better Since I dropped Doxy + The gel I am on Accutane 1month and 2weeks now, Was on 40mg first month Now on 60mg So far so good Not much side effects, Fingers crossed. U also can see my Accutane Log. Good luck!!!!!!!!
  16. hi all, i am still breaking out, but not at much as before, seems like it will breakout everywhere. some sports are smooth but has RED MARK on, why is that can i get rid of these red marks? when then?... Worrying!
  17. here's my Arm, whats that? Rash? eczema?? have 4-5 spots all over the body. what should i do? my legs!!!!!! Joint Line,help!!!!!!! day 37. face looks a little worse today, not as good as last week, dont know why, like last couple days, when i woke up, some blood marks on my pillow, i really did not know what did i do while sleeping. getting tough! OH BY THE WAY!!!!! i lose Weight!!! was 140lbs, now 134lbs......... holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!