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    totally got rid of my flakey skin during first few weeks of the regime. gave my skin back that natural glow that the harshness of BP had taken away. Made my skin much softer. Red Marks seem to disapear quickly none I use 6 drops of jojoba oil in my moisturiser morning and night. I use a little around my eyes and even on my lips. I love this stuff. I have even started using it as a body moisturiser when I come out of the shower. This stuff really took away the hard feeling tightnes
  2. Have you tried Dans regime? I'm having great results with BP. I have less acne but much bigger cystic ones which seem to be clearing up quickly. My face is quite 'hard' from the regime. It feels tight and uncomfortable at times but I read that us to be expected. Ps you are gorgeous, acne won't change that. Aaron
  3. Hey there, im 26 have had perfect skin for 25 years.....then boom. I split up with my girlfriend and got suspended from work and got really depressed and stressed out. That seemed to trigger mental acne which i have been dealing with for nearly a year. Much like yourself ive tried everything under the sun. Tried loads of products from clean and clear, different clinique toners and products, different shaving techniques and products. In the end I sort of just gave up and assumed when live was
  4. I've been using Clinique for men m-gel. Really light and non greasy. Works really well.
  5. I use Clinique for men m-gel. It's really light and doesn't create greasy effect or clog pores. Quite expensive though