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  1. Hi! I have moderatelacne and I know exactly what you mean when you say it's driving you mental. Me too! My GP prescribed me oral erythromycin, and I really don't wanna get you down any more but for me it had absolutely no effect on my acne, even by the end of the course. I've been on doxycycline for 6 weeks and i'm gonna say it has helped very slightly. My GP is going to refer me to a dermatologist though maybe at the end of your current course you should ask for a referral too
  2. JohnPatrick72

    Miracle Cure

    isnt hundred millions a bit of a stretch though, we cant be that many? O.o but how do you know this? what kind of cure is it? :/ That's how much money they're making, not how many acne sufferers there are
  3. JohnPatrick72


    Do these work in the long term like accutane or will they eventually stop working? Thanks!
  4. JohnPatrick72


    Hey guys, thought I should update this thing! Currently my acne has gotten worse on my body, and my doctor said it's because of the dosage of steroids i'm on for my bells palsy. Thankfully i'm fully recovered now and will be completely off them by next Friday. I'm nearly finished my 6 week course of doxycycline, and I don't think it has made any difference, although my doctor said it wasn't a very fair test because I was on other medication also. Thankfully she said she would refer me to a
  5. JohnPatrick72

    This Is Just Too Much.

    Felt the need to blog early because I'm just feeling so awful about my face and need to vent. I saw my acne in the clearest light today, and since then i've felt the worse I have ever done in a long while, not that I wasn't feeling bad anyway. I have literally hundreds of individual red marks that literally cover the entire right side of my face and alot of the left side. I just don't see how I can leave the house with my face looking like this, i've thought about make-up possibly but being a
  6. JohnPatrick72

    I'm Male, And Have No Clue Which Concealer To Get

    This is quite interesting actually cos I have attempted to do the same occasionally. The annoying thing about wearing concealer is that not only do you have to worry about people seeing your acne, but also the fact that they might notice the concealer too. From what i've gathered powders clog up pores, and I haven't seen what you use before so if you get any advice pass it on haa.
  7. JohnPatrick72

    How Bad Is My Acne?

    Realistically, 1.
  8. JohnPatrick72

    Accutane Offspring

    Much better haa, and sorry but don't have much knowledge about accutane offspring.
  9. JohnPatrick72

    Bad Week :/

    Don't you just hate it when you feel your acne is actually making some progress, and then you see it in a new light and your stomach drops because it's still dreadful? Yeah this happened. I've been better about my acne as I haven't had to go out of the house for quite some time due to being sick. The Duac once daily gel is definitely working, but it's taking longer than I hope. Still taking Doxycycline antibiotics and my GP said if there isn't major improvement after the course she will refer
  10. JohnPatrick72

    Please I Am Begging Help! :(

    Well I can tell you now that i've been in exactly the same position as your son lately, feeling as depressed as i've ever been, not going out whatsoever and basically just living in my room. I even go around blocking out all the natural light because I just hate the way it makes my face look. The fact is I need to realise, and so does he, that we're teenagers and some just get effected by acne so much more, however upsetting it is. I've had to live with it for atleast 2 years now and there ha
  11. JohnPatrick72

    Why Wont It Go!?

    I noticed your blog a week or two ago and can relate to your experience so much! I was given that azelaic acid too and it didnt work whatsoever, so i've been prescribed duac once daily gel and I can at least see minor improvement, maybe try that if you haven't already. My acne is worse on my cheeks and hardly get it on my forehead, even though I have a fringe, so don't know what to make of that. You're not the only one suffering mate don't worry, I know how it feels when you see all your frien
  12. JohnPatrick72

    Acne Journey

    Yeah my doctor described it as the 'rolls royce' of acne treatment, so can only assume that it works. Need to learn from your mentality, you seem so positive, i'm hoping to be in a similar position as you so I can get clear by next school year on roaccutane. I've heard that it gets worse before it gets better, so if your getting the worst of it in only 8 days it must be working for you!
  13. JohnPatrick72

    Acne Journey

    Thought i'd start this again, my first blog post felt a bit formal! So basically im 17 years old, male, and have pretty severe acne on my cheeks. I've had acne for about 3 years now but only since last september has it got so severe. I am currently taking Doxycycline antibiotics and also using Duac once daily gel, but improvement is minimal. What's worse is that I have been diagnosed with Bells Palsy, and so have to take a high dosage of steroids for another week or two, which make me physica
  14. JohnPatrick72

    Embarrassed, How To Ask Your Mom To Order You Acne Products?

    Hi! I had the same problem, and i'm a guy so it was slightly more awkward. However, like I learned, she is your mom so if you tell her its affecting you i'm sure she'll get you what you need. I did it in a way that seemed as though my acne was only a slight annoyance, and so when you say it just speak to her casually, but also emphasise you'd really like the treatment. Alternatively, if you go to your doctor they can prescribe you with BP treatment without having to order it online. I'm from