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  1. Hey there, I haven't taken accutane (that's the next step), but I can relate to the feelings of hopelessness waking up and seeing that your skin doesn't reflect how you feel on the inside. Everyone ages differently, whether or not accutane sped that process up who knows! I have some fine lines and wrinkles from using too much BP on my face (i'm 25). We all screw up, so don't beat yourself up. Life is absolutely worth living and as far as appearing attractive to others, its definitely all ab
  2. PROGRESSSS!! SO happy to see some clearing after all of this BS. I haven't been on mino or epiduo, and am doing things naturally aside from Dan's BP. Current regimen for the past week: Drink 1 glass of green juice every morning Eat breakfast, take B complex, Vit D, Zinc NO gluten, minimal dairy, and take Cod Liver Oil with dinner. Probiotics sparingly as well. Even though it's still spotty, my skin is looking much better than it has on any of the prescription meds!! FINALLY feeling hop
  3. Well I've decided to stop taking the minocycline. I think if an antibiotic was going to be a great cure, I would've had more success after a month of being on 100mg. Instead, I'm going to try and do this the natural way. I will say, I've been eating a ton of cheese because I'm staying with family and feel it's insulting to not eat what they cook, so I'm sure that will end up playing a role in my skin -__-. Otherwise, I've started drinking more green tea, and have been keeping up with my supp
  4. Just want to let you know you're not alone! I'm in the same boat. I cut dairy out of my diet and I noticed a decrease in oil production and have been GF for 1 month now. Allergy testing seems like a good idea but I just worry that it might not be conclusive. My mom had an allergy panel done when she was a teen and it showed she was allergic to basically everything! Maybe it's the right solution for you though. If you have a little bit of money to work with, maybe you could see a naturopathi
  5. Week 4: Feeling pretty discouraged, I would've hoped for more improvement by the 4th week of taking 100mg of mino and epiduo, so 3 days ago I added on some supplements that I had read about that other girls were successful with. I'm now taking Vit D3, B Complex, Dessicated Liver, and Zinc + CLO + magnesium oil spray. WHEW that's a lot just for clear skin, but honestly worth it everything works out. I have been going strong with gluten free! Haven't cheated, and I really do feel a lot better
  6. Hey Swedishfishy! I take 5,000 IU right now because it's winter. In the summer, I'll definitely lower my dosage so that I'm not over-doing it! But I probably noticed a difference in just 2 weeks, and then in a month I was amazed that my makeup was no longer sliding off of my face haha. My skin right now isn't oily at all!! What you see in the pictures is how it is mid-day at like 3pm with light moisturizing. I get oily if I'm eating poorly or screw up my moisturizer. If I skip it completely
  7. Week 3: I was definitely over-moisturizing especially on my cheeks. No significant improvement but my skin is smoother. I had some really hard sebum above my lip that never really did much and that has finally started coming out.
  8. It is definitely harder to remove, the consistency is like a thick mousse. Have you ever tried Ponds cold cream cleanser? I imagine that would be really soothing for your skin! You just take a generous amt, smooth it all over your skin and then steam a washcloth and gently wipe away! It works great for me if I run out of makeup remover wipes how far along are you on tane?
  9. Week 2 on mino and epiduo. I've skipped the epiduo twice due to peeling, but have had no other adverse effects. My skin feels smoother overall although I am still having a few breakouts. No problems with the mino. Also, gluten free isn't as big of a challenge as I thought!
  10. Hey guys, I've been on this site for a while now and am finally deciding to share my journey in hopes of getting 100% clear. Quick background, I'm a 24 year old female who has suffered from acne since puberty. It started as whiteheads and progressed to cystic acne as I became older. I used to have it all over my face, chest, and upper back but after getting on birth control at 17 I've had soft clear skin on my chest and back. Currently, I have a lot of hyperpigmentation and acne on my cheek