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  1. I just read on a message board that this is a wonderful skin care product..Has anyone tried it..It is supposed to be what all the stars use...the website is www.mariobadescu.com you can see allt he stars who use it..anyway one girl on the board said alot of people don't know about it, which I didn't..so if anyone has any info on it..please tell me..thanks
  2. I have tried several kinds of mineral makeup...Jane Iredale, Bare Minerals & Mineral Secrets.........Jane Iredale stung my face and was too shiney..I liked Bare Minerals ok..but Mineral Secret was my favorite..I did some research and it is one of the few that does not have Mica in it..which is what causes the stinging and the shinyness......they are all expensive..but I really like it best if I use the spray that you apply after you have put the powder on..that makes it look better..but I r
  3. My derm sells Jane Ardale (sp?) which I picked up. Let me start by saying, I think my derm would sell the blood of her own children if she could get the right mark up for it. Anywho, I am not impressed I feel very Tammy Faye Baker with it on....too cakey. In otherwords, pass! ←
  4. Has anyone used the Vitamin B5..? If so how long and did it work. Also how many pills per day do you have to take..I hear it is a lot
  5. Also, for a less expensive cleanser..try "Purpose" It is also great..
  6. Arbonne is the best cleaner I have seen..AFter cleansing there is no makeup left on my pad with toner..Skin feels wonderful..
  7. I have scares on both my arms from breakouts..I picked them and it has left terrible scares..Any ideas on what to use to get them to fade..
  8. Leo...great letter..I hope you got the results you wanted. I would love to have this done..Not sure If I will be able to anytime soon. He evidently gets patients from all over the world..that says alot for him..
  9. Do you not have a local place where you live that you can go buy a bottle of toner..My daughter bought her Proactiv from a local mall..she is loving the products..Good luck..sorry I don't know of anything that compares to it for you to try.
  10. I just wanted to correct the spelling of the product I am using..It is Arbonne, not Orbonne..and it is a great product..
  11. Thanks Trieditall....You sound like me..I get it from my mom..she is obsessed with trying to have young skin..and I'm following in her foot steps..I buy new products all the time..that is why I wanted to find out about the TNS Recovery Complex..Right now I am using Orbonne Products. I like it pretty well..I am 46 and have occassional breakouts still. I have a few brown spots on my face I want to get rid of. I had really bad breakouts on my arms and it has left scars..I can't wear short sleeve wi
  12. I would reccommend giving Proactiv a try. My daughter is 21 and has tried everything and nothing seemed to help her..She got Proactiv about 2 weeks ago and she has had remarkable results..Her whole forehead was covered with tiny bumps and is now smooth as a baby's butt..I hear it either works great or not at all. But it is worth trying. Keep me informed
  13. Has anyone tried the TNS recovery Complex..? I saw a dermatologist on Oprah and she swears by this cream..I believe it is by prescription only..Let me know if anyone has used it and how it did. Thanks
  14. Never heard of it..New on here..any info...is it something you order or what?
  15. Thanks, she doesn't have scars, just occasional breakouts..we have heard this really does help..