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  1. I took the first pull july 12th. july to august = 1 August to septemer = 2 September to october = 3. Ill start my 3rd month the 12th. I double checked with a calander counter. Its been 82 days as of today.
  2. So I thought I was on month three halfway done but I guess im only on month 2. I started july 12th. I Found my before pictures and a few along the way. This is like my 4th topic but Im actually pretty stoked on this one since it shows pre tane. Please comment for feedback. I appreciate it. Take care all. Pre tane, 3 week (IB), about a week or so ago.
  3. halfway through my 2nd month! 2 Months 20 days. I started july 12th!
  4. Thank you so much! I may have to try that out. I thought i was on month three but I guess im on day 82 so im about 2 months 20 days on accutane! boost's my spirit a little. Ive been on accutane since july 12th so Its been 2 months 20 days!!
  5. So everyone says accutane makes red marks worse and this and that, so why in 99% of accutane before and afters and accutane videos theyre red marks have diminished so much you can barely see them or cant see them at all?
  6. Hey everyone im about half through my 3rd month of accutane. Total of 6 months on 60mgs a day. Im pretty much clear from acne. I will get a white head every once in a while but no biggy. But I absolutely hate the way my face looks. I cant stand these redmarks on my face. They may just be old acne still healing or whatever, but do you guys think this will continue to fade while im on accutane? or do you think this is what my face will look like when im finished? Also is there anything I can do no
  7. Im 6 foot 160 and im on 60mg a day for a 6 month course which will put me right at 150mg per lb of body weight or however it goes and my is bad but a little milder then yours. Like stated I wouldnt strongly ask to get it raised. I asked to have mine raised but they denied me because 60 mg's is working pretty well. If you want you can check my latest thread and see how 60mgs has helped me. Stay postive and strong.
  8. Yeah I had a pretty bad initail break out. Those photos are from about 3 weeks on accutane. I seriously cant stand all the redmarks. Im happy with the results for sure but I wish these redmarks would fade. will they keep fading while im on it? When im done in january will my face still look like this with these redmarks or will they keep fading until then and look overal better and less blotchy? I see people with alot worse skin and by the time theyre done they have minimal redmarks and theyre l
  9. I took 40 mg's the first month and will be on 60mg the rest of the course. I havent any side effects then a little dry skin and dry nose.
  10. Hey everyone. Im wrapping up month 3 pretty soon, just about two weeks. I hardly break out anymore. just occasional whiteheads. no biggie. My problem is that I see other peoples before and afters and there red marks are either diminished or very unnoticeable by the end of their treatment. Im wondering if I can expect to see improvent with the marks that are left as of right now. Im happy that I dont get painful cysts anymore but I hate the abundance of red marks. Here are some pictures as of tod
  11. Im supposed to be on it for 6 months at 60mg the remainder but I want to be upped. Thank you for your feedback. It makes the light at the end of the tunnel a little brighter! I see. How much do you weigh? 155ish-160
  12. Im supposed to be on it for 6 months at 60mg the remainder but I want to be upped. Thank you for your feedback. It makes the light at the end of the tunnel a little brighter!
  13. Hey guys Im starting my third month September 13th and I was showing you my results. I see some but still not jumping with joy. I dont have many active acne but I have old acne or hyperpigmentation. I hope its just old acne thats going to heal cause I cant stand all these red marks. First month was 40mg and this month was 60mg. I hope I get bumped up to atleast 70mg next Thursday. Any feedback would be awesome. Trying to keep my spirtis up. 1st three are before and last three is as of today