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  1. Hi. May I know if you come from Singapore and being treated acne by Dr Joyce?

    Im living in Singapore and suffering acne now.

    Any advice please?

    Tks dear.

  2. End of 12 months So it's been a year! I have been using tretinoin almost everyday lately, and my skin is soft, smooth and glowing. I'm pleased to report that as of now, I have no active breakouts. Although my skin isn't perfect, it has transformed over the year. For the side effects, I still have a slight stinging sensation when putting on moisturizer, and peeling does occur regularly, but no longer noticeably - it does not peel off in sheets like it used to do so in the earlier stages
  3. End of 10 months So it's been 10 months on tretinoin, and although things are not perfect (I still have faint acne marks on my cheeks and chin), everything is looking quite alright overall. Besides the fading marks, I only have two little spots. However, I'm sure that there's still room for improvement. I still use retacnyl at least 3 times a week. For makeup, I've not been using any makeup skin-wise. I use Jane Iredale's dry sunscreen powder in the day (SPF 30) to protect my skin from g
  4. So it's been 9 or 10 months? I lost track. But I've been using the tretinoin about 3 times a week. Although things are way better, I am still suffering from a nasty bout of hormonal breakouts around my mouth area right now, and there's this solid raised red bump on my chin which hurts like crazy. But the good news is, I'm no longer spending a lot of time in front of the mirror, because work takes my mind off acne. I've started a new job as a trainee lawyer in a firm, and my days are busy
  5. Maybe you should skip the steaming and exfoliating portion of your regime. Retin-A is a very harsh treatment so it's best to treat your skin gently while on it. Exfoliating will aggravate the redness and probably irritate your skin further. If I were you, I would gently cleanse my face instead of steaming/exfoliating it. Be very very gentle with your skin. It's going to be really fragile on retin-A
  6. I started using tretinoin nightly last May, and i am still using it now, but for 3 times a week. So it's nine months. I can totally relate to your situation. I broke out very very badly and was traumatised by the number of pimples coming out daily. Every morning, I would look into the mirror and feel so depressed because I've never broken out sooo badly in my life. In the first four months or so, I was doubting the effectiveness of the tretinoin because I could not see it working. In fact,
  7. 8-month update: Sorry for the late update, was busy with bar exams, and just came back from a camping trip I have been going totally makeup free for the past 3 weeks, and it is totally awesome. Not a single drop of makeup. My skin feels and looks amazing.
  8. Hey dear, I first started suffering from acne in the last year high school too. It was bad because I was under tremendous emotional stress (boy problems) and was preparing for major exams at the same time. i completely ignored my skin (only used water to wash) and by the end of the year, my face was completely covered in terrible bumps, huge red pimples and whiteheads, mainly concentrated around my forehead. I was so depressed and I also remember crying a lot. I was 17 then. When I was 18, I als
  9. I decided that enough was enough more than week ago - I wasn't going to live my life covering up my skin with tinted moisturisers, foundations. Ever since using tretinoin and going through a nasty period of purging, I have been using skin makeup to cover my skin on bad days. Now that my skin is better, I've decided that I'm going to stop using all this makeup. Well I succeeded not wearing any makeup AT ALL for the past 10 days Which is a personal milestone for me, considering that I went
  10. I've been using it coming to 8 months already and now I use it alternate nights. Next week onwards, I'll use it 3 times a week. I'm not completely clear yet. I'm afraid that completely stopping tretinoin will cause my skin to go back to square one. I'm going to use it 3 times a week for as long as I can. Hope that this will "maintain" my skin.
  11. I cleanse, apply serum and moisturiser, then wait for 30-60 mins. Then I apply my tretinion cream. Then I apply clindagel as a spot treatment. That's how I do it, but other people may have different methods that work better for them. Do what feels right for your skin - all the best!
  12. I agree. It is normal to peel and get slightly redder than normal when using retin-A, but not sunburny red... I think that the bp and retin-A combi is too harsh. Switch to a gentler cleanser because retin-A is a strong retinoid. About the foundation part, I totally understand what you mean about the peeling and flaking part which can be very embarrassing, especially when you're out with friends.
  13. @Laura: thank you for your compliment such kind words brought a smile to my face and really made my day! Have you tried tretinoin before? @Jay: thank you so much for your kind words and support! I really appreciate your comments and constant support on this thread hope your current regimen is going well too! Are you using tretinoin too? Week 30 update I'm really excited because my complexion is looking better than ever, although the marks are still there on my left cheek and chin. I've
  14. Yes, BB cream is lighter than foundation and better for your skin. I am from Asia, and I adore BB creams. BB cream is something in between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation, and is more natural-looking than foundation. Foundation tends to look more mask-like. I live in Asia, and the best BB creams are from Korea - Enprani, Etude house, FaceShop, SkinFood. There are mainly two types of BB creams - water-based or spf based. The former is more matte while the latter can get oilier and shinie
  15. After 27 Weeks..... Here's the picture update for Week 27! Comparing the pictures for Week 7 and Week 27 side by side. Week 7 during the initial breakout. Looking at the before and after pictures, I'm really amazed by the difference.