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  1. Yes they have pus in them. GREAT SUGGESTION
  2. I've been able to clear a lot of the acne on my face and I've had some improvement with acne on my body in general through diet and natural products. I have always had acne on my lip line though. It's very distracting and a lot of times it makes me feel uncomftorable when I'm talking to people. Any suggestions? I apologize if the quality is not good.
  3. I already know of using oatmeal and the lemon and sugar scrub. Please don't advise me any products, I haven't used any in awhile and I don't feel comftorable going back to them. I also don't have the money for them......
  4. I hear a lot about using Milk of Magnesia as a primer. I don't remember much about it but I think people mainly use it for oily skin.
  5. Have you changed the way you shave in the past year?
  6. Did you feel better after some time? Honestly, I didn't survive. I went back to eating like I regularly would. But of course minus the obvious things like too much sugar and dairy.
  7. When I was trying to get rid of Gluten I felt the same lack of energy. I would usually start my day off with a quick run but I was too lazy to do anything. I just wanted to sleep all day.
  8. I don't really notice a big difference when the seasons change but my skin is not as oily in winter. That is probably reasonable though.
  9. Your skin is not bad at all and you look good.
  10. I usually just wash in the shower.
  11. I definitely agree with you. I've begun to realize that there is no point in complaining about your skin if it's obviously not going to clear up in a day or two. Just give it time and move on with life.
  12. The past few days I've been feeling really good about myself. I basically realized that there are billions of people on this Earth and if I come across a few who don't like me because of my skin, then OH DAMN WELL. I'm starting to like and take pride in the little things about myself. From my looks, to my personality and even some habits. Yes, I'm not perfect. No, my skin isn't amazing. But hey, If somebody doesn't want to take the time to get to know because of that, then oh well. I just hope t