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  1. I feel like I avoided the eye area well when applying BP, but perhaps I did accidentally get too close while applying the moisturizer. I'll be careful next time!
  2. Thanks for your response! Glad to know I'm not alone. I'm planning on doing just a half pump once every other day for this first week, and I hope my skin will get used to the BP and react well. So after your initial response of puffiness, eventually it got better and now you're doing fine on the regimen? Or did you give it up?
  3. So I struggled with acne from age 12 and nothing really worked for me...until age 18 when I got on the regimen and I was on it until I was 22. It was the only thing that ever worked, and my skin was beautifully clear! Well, stupid me got tired of stained clothes and thought that perhaps I'd grown out of acne, so I weaned myself off BP and the regimen as a whole. Now 6 months later, I have all my acne back. Therefore, I've decided to get on the regimen again. Now I just started last night but I w