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  1. That is because acne scar is not a big enough market for multi billion dollar investment. There are already treatments out there that gives 80% improvement...not impossible to achieve 100% from here on.
  2. pretty sure lot of doctors will enhance microcoring with other modalities like stem cells.
  3. Did one with Fotona laser few months back. Hardly any difference. Look into chemical peel like the phenol peel done by Rullan.
  4. http://skincora.com/ https://www.gclinic.net/skincare
  5. From my experience, there are probably 4 or 5 top doctors in the US who actually gets great results from their acne scar treatments. If you are not going to any one of those doctors than it's just a waste of time and money. So not sure why getting advise from BA would help.
  6. Fat will adhere after multiple sessions. Stem cells heal old scars also. There are lot of youtube videos on scar treatment with fat. Check it out.
  7. Plastic surgeons use fat. Dematologists use filler. Filler is temporary. Stem cells in fat helps heal scars. Multiple sessions will make the fat stick
  8. Go to a plastic surgeon that does subcision with fat grafting. You need 3 sessions three months apart.
  9. Then you need another round with stronger dose. Also look into salicylic acid peels. I like salicylic acid gel peel from perfect image. For your scars the only thing that will work right now is phenol cross and punch float excision if you can find a doctor.
  10. I actually had a session last week. Seeing some improvement. Lets see
  11. Dr. Pedro Alberto Santos has a Masters’ in Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine from the University of Complutense in Madrid, Spain.
  12. With 10k I would go to Singapore or Korea. Edit: Remove By MOD - Advertising for a Korean Clinic.